Basic Small Boat - Locations

Note to Prospective Students: We believe in the American Sailing Association (ASA) and your participation. Therefore we build into our costs a complimentary one year membership. You will not see from us, "ASA now charges $39 membership fee for optional certification" which means you will not receive the ASA certification you've earned unless you pay a $39 surcharge. We invite you to look at the materials included . . . No other program provides you a "Sailing DVD" to help you review and prepare. In addition to being safe and fun, there are no hidden charges with Northern Breezes.

Medicine Lake, Plymouth, MN

Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, MN - Call

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WindRider 17 is friendly to sailing dog Dewey as well as Thom and Michele. This boat has tremendous carrying capacity, is easy to learn on and fun! Look below for excitement!

Excitement and ease of use in the same boat! Join the fun!