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Classroom Location: Sailcrafters, 7450 Oxford St, St Louis Park, MN 55426

Paper charts versus electronic devices have flip flopped in priority with paper being the backup. It is an essential backup but nevertheless a backup. Sailors for the most part are carrying handheld phones and devices which rival the most advanced chart plotters and GPS devices. Learn how easy these iPad and Android devices are to operate and which programs are reviewed and recommended. Captain Burns brings the background of having edited the "official American Sailing Association" Coastal Navigation textbook by Captain Mike Pyzel in addition to his U.S. Navy background. He is also a Beta Tester for the most popular program out there, iNavX which will soon be released for the Android platform. My goal in this course is to help you become "Navigation Instrument Independent of any charter boat you may step aboard," noted Captain Burns. This is a fun, hands on learning experience!

The evening course meets two times.

Course Outline for Evening Class

Day 1: The big navigation picture. What will these programs do? How can they hurt me? How to set the programs up. Mapping Exercises.

Day 2: Question and answer. Review Exercises. More charting. Details buried in the programs. Integration options.

Prerequisite: None. Students who are Coastal Navigation Graduates will be much bettered prepared than non-graduates.

Course Fee:

Available for purchase: Navigation instruments by Weems & Plath.
8" Rolling parallel plotter: $18.00* - or - 12" parallel rules: $14.00*
Ultra light 7" dividers: $17.00.
Nautical Slide Rule: $19.00.
Chart Protractor: $20.00.
Chart No. 1: $14.00.
Coast Guard Navigation Rules: $13.00.  (All prices include tax.)

*Both instruments are ideal for chart books.


Fall 2017 (Dates are subject to change)

E1: 6-9PM Wednesdays
      11/1, 11/8/2017

E2: 6-9PM Wednesdays
      11/15, 11/29/2017

E3: 6-9PM Wednesdays
      12/6, 12/13/2017

3-hour evening sessions 6-9 PM (or as close as possible)


Directions to Sailcrafters
From Hwy 169
Take exit for Hwy 7 East
Hwy 7 east to Louisiana Ave S
At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto Louisiana Ave S
Turn right onto Oxford St, Sailcrafters will be on the right

From Hwy 100

Take exit for Hwy 7 West
Hwy 7 west to Louisiana Ave S
Turn right onto Louisiana Ave S, make a U-turn
At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit and stay on Louisiana Ave S
Turn right onto Oxford St, Sailcrafters will be on the right.

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