Radar for Mariners

A practical guide to safe, versatile, and efficient use of small craft radar, covering brief overview of radar principles and operation, definition of terms, navigation by range and bearing, use of VRM and EBL in navigation and collision avoidance, identifying radar targets and interpreting their motions, and how to apply the Rules of the Road. Also, how to interpret land masses seen on the radar. Rules of thumb on what can and cannot be seen (resolving power). The course consists of 12 hours of instruction, made up of 4 three-hour classroom classes.

The course includes special tricks and methods not covered in manuals or textbooks. The Starpath Radar Trainer simulator will be used in class for demonstrations and practice drills.  This software is available at a discount to registered students.

This course is guaranteed to increase the safety and efficiency of your radar watch many fold and greatly reduce the anxiety of those encounters with converging radar targets that cannot be seen visually... not to mention that it is indeed the law (Rules 6,7,8) that mariners with radar know how to interpret radar images (to make "systematic observations").

The text for the course is Radar for Mariners by David Burch (McGraw-Hill, 2005). This book includes a working demo of the Radar Trainer program that can be run 5 times for practice and evaluation.

Course Fee: $249 includes course materials: Radar for Mariners  Textbook & DVD.

Coast Guard Navigation Rules: $13  (includes tax)

NEW in 2013:
Windmill Marina
16065 32nd Street South
Afton, MN 55001

Directions: From I-94 and County Road 18 / Hwy 95

• Take County Road 18 South (Saint Croix Trail N) from Hwy I94 for 4.4 miles (south)
• Turn left at 32nd Street South (just in the town of Afton)
• Go through Marina entrance (approximately 1 block from Saint Croix Trail N) to parking lot A (on left) and then to building in middle of parking lot. Park in front of building.


Spring 2013 (Dates are subject to change)
3-hour evening sessions 6-9 PM (or as close as possible)

R1-Afton: Tuesdays & Thursdays: 4/18, 4/23, 4/25, 4/30 (exam)


Independent Study / Correspondence
. This course has been successfully completed by students who are remotely located. It usually requires some time spent with an instructor by email or telephone.
Cost is $169 which includes textbook, DVD and ASA certification, upon successful completion.  We like to interview prospective students in this category. Please call.

Call Northern Breezes Sailing School at 763-542-9707 to register or with questions.

Prerequisite for this course: 
ASA 105 - Coastal Navigation

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