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Northern Breezes Sailing School (ASA School) vs. Other ASA Schools
Northern Breezes Sailing School (ASA School) Other ASA Schools
ASA Membership Included Additional $39
ASA Log Book Included Additional $10
ASA Test Included Additional $12
ASA Textbook Included "Sailing Made Easy" Additional $30
ASA DVD Included Additional $20
Sample Test Included Do they even provide it?
Instructor to Student Ratio Max. 3 students per Instructor Do they have a limit?

American Sailing Association (ASA) vs. US Sailing
ASA US Sailing
Dominance in Adult Market Over 300 locations Over 50 locations
Charter Company Relationships (Caribbean) 14 4
International Certification Yes  
Extensive Programs Yes Limited
Year Established 1983 1997

About American Sailing Association
In the thirty years since ASA began certifying sailing instructors and students to international standards, a number of other organizations have created similar programs.

Here's why we believe ASA is your best choice.
* Over 300 professional sailing schools around the world use the ASA system.
* ASA membership represents about 85% of the viable, commercial sailing schools in the U.S.
* ASA is the standard for sailing education in the US and increasingly elsewhere in the world.
* ASA has had a functioning, nationwide keelboat program since 1983.
* ASA has certified nearly 7,500 professional sailing instructors.
* ASA has certified more than 423,000 sailing students.
* ASA is the only certifying organization which has adopted an instructor code of ethics.
* ASA has a complete, functioning 7 level keelboat program, multihull courses, small boat program plus radar, celestial, weather and docking endorsements.
* ASA certification is recognized by major charter boat companies as well as other * ASA facilities around the world.
* Philosophically ASA and its schools believe sailing is safe, fun and easy to learn. It's only complicated and intense if those teaching it choose to present it that way. We

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