Women's Sailing Adventures

Many women who sail frequently choose the camaraderie of a women-only course to advance their skills. "I don’t get a chance to practice with my husband," noted one longtime cruiser, "because he already knows how to do everything well, so it doesn’t make sense for me to attempt it." This is a frequently seen situation among couples who sail, with the woman in charge of the galley, keeping everyone fed, while the husband is at the helm. But more and more couples are realizing the importance of boat handling skills on the part of the woman, so that there are two able sailors onboard, particularly in the event of "Man Overboard" or other emergencies.

All of Northern Breezes' courses are offered as a Women's Sailing Adventure.
Basic Small Boat
A perfect class for the sailor who just wants to get out on the water on a small boat without a keel.  Offered at two metro lakes, this class is a convenient way to learn to sail small boats quickly. Instructor to Student ratio is one to two.
Basic Keelboat
Basic Keelboat is taught by ASA-certified instructors at many locations around the Twin Cities area. This course is the prerequisite for most of our more advanced sailing courses. Qualified graduates will become charter certified for day sailing on 22-25' keelboats. Many of our graduates come to us from other programs, they often test-out of Basic Keelboat enroute to intermediate and advanced courses and adventures. Instructor to Student ratio is one to three.
Basic Coastal Cruising/Bareboat Charter
Basic Cruising (103) and Bareboat Charter (104) are taught on our 40'-45' cruising auxiliary sailboats as a four-day liveaboard course. Course fee includes course materials - ASA textbooks, Sailing Fundamentals and Cruising Fundamentals, class notes and ASA Certifications.
Advanced Coastal Cruising
Advanced Coastal Cruising participants arrive in Tortola, British Virgins Islands on Wednesday which is a travel day. Sleep aboard your yacht on Wednesday night! Navigational assignments will have been assigned in advance. Precise itinerary is somewhat weather dependent.
Cruising Catamaran
This is an advanced cruising course for sailors with cruising experience. Graduates are certified to act as skipper and crew of a 30-50 foot multihull sailboat by day in coastal waters. Students will learn all aspects of skippering a cruising catamaran.
Flotilla Sailing
Most skippers are recent graduates who like the idea of having an experienced sailing instructor on a nearby boat. Often a quick review of anchoring or reefing techniques, the navigation for the day and boat systems is most of our involvement. Chartering a flotilla boat as skipper with your own crew is less expensive than chartering independent of the flotilla because of our special arrangements with the charter company.
Sail & Dive Adventure
Join us for our sail and dive option. You dive off our big, beautiful catamaran! Forget about the big dive-boat crowds, you are with a small group of divers. When you're done diving . . . sail and enjoy this beautiful boat and all the unique places it can take you.

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