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Northern Breezes and Three Rivers Park District bring you a first class opportunity to sail on beautiful, Medicine Lake at French Regional Park in Plymouth, Minnesota. The boat club offers you affordable, hassle free sailing without maintenance, insurance, ownership or slip fees. Just reserve a boat using our online reservation system and go sailing!

Flying Scot sailboat

Our Basic Keelboat Boat Club fleet:

# LOA Model Location



Flying Scot

Medicine Lake



Flying Scot

Medicine Lake

Our fleet currently consists of two Flying Scot sailboats with very large cockpits, one has roller furling jib. These sailboats are totally easy to sail and a lot of fun while being close by in the west metro at Medicine Lake at the sailboat only docks at French Park. These are the same boats that we use for our Basic Keelboat class.

*Note: Prices are reduced in this club because one of the two boats is used exclusively during the week during the day by the Northern Breezes Youth Camp for ten weeks during the summer.*

Season: May 15th to Oct 1st (Weather Permitting)

Full Membership - Basic Keelboat Boat Club.
  This is the most popular membership. It is capped at twenty-five (25) uses! $1,495 plus tax.
Six Use Membership
- Basic Keelboat Boat Club. This limited membership fits busy folks who want to get out on the water but do not need a full membership. $1,095 plus tax.
Three Use Membership
- Basic Keelboat Boat Club. This very limited membership fits folks who want to sail a few times but their schedules preclude a more active membership. $595 plus tax.
Quality and comfort aboard well maintained boats in a friendly environment is our mission for your experience at all of our sailing boat club sites. We encourage usage of our email feedback form, a quick text message or even a call to assist us with maintaining the highest standards.
What we want from you:

  • Be a graduate of Northern Breezes Sailing School's ASA Basic Keelboat course, or . . .

  • An equivalent course (preferably ASA Basic Keelboat) on the right size boats, or . .

  • Equivalent experience based on previous ownership, etc.

  • A check-ride is required for each boat type and location. $95 Minimum.

More details about, "How it works":

  • A use is defined as a time window. We use three time windows: 0800 - 1130; 1200 - 1600; 1630 - 30 minutes before Sunset.

  • Reservations for uses are done through our web site. We provide you with a login name and password. You can make reservations up to two weeks in advance. You will receive an email confirmation of your reservation which is also sent to the office. You will notice that the boats are reserved by Northern Breezes Sailing School for class times. We cancel school reservations if classes are not viable ten days before the first class session.

  • We provide all boat club members a booklet with detailed checklists and instructions on how to operate each of the boats and in particular the outboard engines. If all else fails, we provide a couple of phone numbers to call.

  • We hold a facility and boat indoctrination for all members each spring and for each member who signs up for an annual membership during the season.

  • Please tell us anything which is wrong with a boat, dock or the facility. This helps us keep your experience happy and pleasant!

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3949 Winnetka Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN  55427
Call For Free Brochure (763) 542-9707


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