Jennifer Sutton

Jennifer Sutton has been sailing and racing since she was 11 yrs old, when her father started her in sailing. She learned how on a 16 ft X-boat, and raced the X-boat for four years as the skipper. When she turned 17 years old she had to leave the X-boat fleet (age requirement) and began racing the family E-scow with her father, again as skipper, for 6 years. When she moved to Minneapolis after college she joined the Minnesota Women's Sailing Team (MWST), a non-profit sailing organization to train women in sailing, racing, and leadership skills. She was skipper of the women's team for four Rolex Women's Keelboat Championships and a pair of J22 World's Championships on the waters of Annapolis and Houston. She continues to take MWST members out for Wayzata Yacht Club races during the summer. After obtaining her navigation and charter licenses she has organized trips with friends to the British Virgin Islands, the Grenadines and St. Maarten.