Writers Guidelines

Northern Breezes is a regional sailing magazine focusing on the Great Lakes and Midwest sailing community. We accept articles on, for or about Great Lakes and Midwest sailors. We want to fill the gap between local newspapers and the large glossy sailing publications so articles that relate directly to our region have a better chance of being accepted. Recommended topics include but are not limited to: sailing destinations, local sailors, racing, boat maintenance, cruising, day sailing, live aboards, boat buying, vacation trips and reviews of boats, books and products.

All manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced and accompanied by appropriate artwork. Artwork includes photos of the boat and the people on the sailing adventure, charts, maps, technical drawings, graphs or illustrations. Manuscripts submitted without artwork should include a detailed description of what artwork is available and the quality of the artwork. Submissions for feature consideration (main or cover stories) should be written in the first person and range from approximately 1,000-3,000 words. Manuscripts submitted for non-features such as: boat/book/product reviews, technical, and general interest articles, should not exceed 2,000 words.

Sending a copy by e-mail is acceptable. Files sent by e-mail should be in a PC format. Text should be in the form of a Quark, Lotus Word Pro, Wordpad, MS Works/Word, or compatible text. Copying and pasting the text into the body of the e-mail is a good way to avoid any compatibility issues. Picture and artwork files should be in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator compatible formats. Preferred formats are .tif, high resolution .jpg, .eps, or .pdf.

Payment for articles accepted for publication start at $50 an article with a maximum of $150 per article. Payment is made upon publication. Most book reviews will receive a flat fee of $25. Northern Breezes accepts numerous articles that have been previously published elsewhere.

When submitting your manuscript please:

- Write your name on each page of your manuscript.
- Write your name on each piece of artwork.
- Number artwork and identify each on a brief caption sheet.
- Including artwork and caption sheet with your article will increase your chances of getting published.
- Enclose an author's bio, including sailing experience, and type of boat.
- If your manuscript was previously published in part or whole, let us know when and where.
- Include your name, address, phone numbers, and email address.
- Specify which materials you would like returned, if any, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Materials submitted without specific return requests will not be returned.

- Send to: Northern Breezes, Attn: Alan Kretzschmar, 3949 Winnetka Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55427.
- Or e-mail to alan@sailingbreezes.com

Cover Photo Consideration

For cover photo consideration please send a sharp photo with proper exposure. Vertical photos are preferred but horizontal photos will also be considered. Colorful scenes that show people sailing work best. Avoid cluttered scenes, shadows, large dark areas, and dark sunsets. Try to capture exciting new angles. Payment for cover photos varies.

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