Review: Froli Sleep Systems
Reviewed by Thom Burns

When your sailboat occasionally leaks, too often the result is mildew on your cushions. When you purchase your dream used boat, often the cushions are not thick enough to give you very good support. I have both of these conditions on my used boat. I’ve talked to many other boat owners who have been repeatedly stymied by the occasional leaks which make one or more cushions nearly uninhabitable. Both the comfort issue of too thin of a mattress and the water issue are addressed by the FROLI sleep system.

Alexis Olson, above, resting on the enhanced cushion Froli Sleep System.

The wet cushion or mildew annoyance is addressed by a slick creating a set of plastic box springs upon which your cushions sit. This allows air to flow and ventilate your cushions from below as well as from above. Since they are elevated, mild leaks have an opportunity to also flow under the cushions. They don’t get damp and if they do they have a great opportunity to dry instead of sit wet and mildew. The FROLI system is made of plastic so the mentioned moisture will not damage it.

Now think comfort! By putting a plastic one and three quarter inch set of springs under your cushion. A normal four inch cushion becomes almost six inches and it has almost miniature individual spring support. It feels great!

The mechanics of installing the system involve figuring out how many boxes of “toys” you need. If you can put legos® together, you can do this. The FROLI Travel systems will apply for most V-Berths and anywhere else where you have a lot of curves. When you snap the system together keep in mind who will be sleeping there. If you like your side a little softer use the full width of the individual element springs. If you like your side firmer change the spacing to narrow or medium instead of wide. You can also set-up the surface to be softer around your shoulders and stiffer in the lumbar zone. Special tension clips work well for this purpose.

The system sets up with interlocking, individual spring elements which are very adaptable to curves.

Maybe the best part of this addition is that it will not break the bank. For a few hundred dollars you can fix an annoying problem, create much more comfortable cushions for sleeping or lounging (which will last longer because they can breathe) and you can do it easily by yourself. This system is going on my thirty year old boat and I’ll bet you’ll be a happier sailor if you install them on your boat. I was also impressed by John Wilson and Cheryl Hoffman from Comfort Marine. They are sailors. You can expect to get the straight dope from them. They are very excited about their product and so am I.

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