Get on the phone and GO Sailing!

Crew and Skippers List

With spring so early this year, most of us are eager to get out on the water. A sign of this is the flurry of last minute Crew List participants. We are accommodating the list by adding to it all year long on our internet publication, For now, here are folks — anxious to crew or to skipper with new acquaintances. Many of you cannot wait to get hold of it - we know, we’ve taken your phone calls.

With every crew list we remind our readers that we cannot and do not qualify any of the people on the list. A number of male skippers are looking for female crew. On a J-22 or a Prindle, that may be legitimate, as women are usually lighter and crew weight on a catamaran is critical. For a bluewater cruiser, weight is an insignificant problem. In any case, use a little caution and don’t get yourself (male or female) into an unpleasant situation. Get to know each other on dry land, go out for at least a few day sails and a shakedown cruise before sailing off over the horizon.

Don’t worry if the first couple of people you talk to don’t seem right for you. The list doesn’t allow any room for either skippers or crew to give any details. Many forms arrive with every item checked. That may mean they’ve been sailing a few times and want to learn. Many skippers we’ve talked to have said they’re more than willing to teach an enthusiastic novice, many of whom turn out to be great crew. Some skippers even prefer working with a novice because as one said, “I can teach them the way I prefer to have things done without having to ‘unteach’ them first.”

We’ve tried to keep the crew list simple, but there are a lot of categories. The key to the codes appear in the boxes near each section. The list is arranged in three sections - Crew Wants to Race or Cruise, Skipper Wants Cruising Crew and Skipper Wants Racing Crew. Look through the appropriate list and start dialing your phone.
Those of you who missed the deadline can also use the list. Sure, we would have liked you to get your listing in on time, but you can certainly make a few phone calls.

If you missed your print opportunity, go to and fill out a form. The internet crew and skipper list will be continually updated through the season.

For all the exciting sailing events this summer check out the calendar. There are events coming up for the weekend sailor, evening sailor, or sailing enthusiast. Don’t miss an opportunity!


Skipper Needs Crew To Race or Crew Codes

Cruising Racing
1) Daysails = “D” 1) Fun Races = “F”
2) Weekends = “W” 2) Day Racing = “D”
3) Extended = “E” 3) Offshore = “O”

Crew needs to be:
     1) No Experience Necessary
     2) Enthusiastic Novice Okay
     3) Must Have Couple Years Experience
     4) Know Offshore Navigation
     5) Willing To Share Expenses Beyond Food & Drink
     6) Have Mechanical Skills
     7) Female Only
     8) Male Only
     9) Male or Female Doesn't Matter
    10) Couple Preferred

Skipper Needs Crew to Race

First Name Age Sex Contact Location Type of Boat Pref Crew Req  Note
Tom 58 M 218-547-1188 Leech Lake, Walker, MN O’Day 240 D 3 ASA Instr.
Dave XX M 847-695-7736 Winthrop Harbor, IL Irwin 31 F, D 1 Female
Jon 57 M 262-784-6538 Milwaukee Morgan 27 D, O 1,2,3  
Jerry 55 M 651-436-7740 Hudson, WI J-80 F,D 3  
Valerie   F 952-212-1823 Bayfield, WI Shack 35 D, O 1  
Tony 43 M 312-735-0320 Montrose, Chicago, IL J-24 D, O 1,2,3  
Darrell 50 M 920-743-8442 Sturgeon Bay, WI Mirage 338 D, O 3 Female

Skipper Needs Crew to Cruise

First Name Age Sex Contact Location Type of Boat Pref Crew Req  Note
Bryan 47 M 715-278-3408 Ashland Scampi 30 D, W 2  
Les 54 M 612-522-5049 Medice Lake, MN West Wight Potter 18 D, E 1, 2, 9  
Tom 59 M 303-779-5345 Cornucopia, WI Pearson 365 E 1, 5, 9 Lake Superior in July
Ken 44 M 952-926-0240 Bayfield, WI Hunter 34 W, E 1,2,7  

Crew To Race or Cruise

Name Age  Sex Contacts Locations I Prefer Racing Fun Races Day Races Day Races Offshore I Prefer Crewing Day Sailing Weekend/Overnighters Extended Cruising Experience


Duane 40 M 414-403-1962 2 X X X   X X X   1, 4, 5, 6    
John 55 M 515-276-5074 1, 2, 3, 4         X   X   X 2, 3, 4. Great Lakes Summer/Fall
Bob 53 M 651-303-7835 1, 4, 7         X X X     2, 6. White Bear Lake    
Philip 44 M 763-535-8963 8 X X X X X X X   X 1, 5, 6. ASA 101 to 104    
Louis 62 M 847-392-6938 1 to 6 X X X X X X X   X 2, 3. Experienced.      
Jo Ann 58 F 847-428-0211 1 to 8 X X X   X X X   X 1, 4.           
Kevin 33 M 651-702-6015 1 to 5         X X X     2, 3. Gadget Man    
Jamie 40 C 204-756-3180 8 X     X X       X 2. Carpentry Skills.      
Tristan 27 M 773-858-2708 1 to 8 X X X X X X X   X 1, 2, 3. Lake Huron, Erie, St. Clair
Fred 59 M 320-253-2132 1 to 8         X X X     1, 5.         
Marabelle 48 F 612-822-4925 1 to 5         X X X   X 2, 3, 5. Certified Skipper, Rusty Nav.  
Rob 60 M 847-428-1184 2, 8         X       X 3, 5, 6. Circumnavigation, Blue Water.  
Rick 49 C 269-651-6038 2 X X               1, 5. Four years USCG Engineman.
Peter   M 612-860-6887 1, 3, 4 X X X X           3, 4, 9
David 29 M 206-279-2341 8         X X X     4, 5, 6
Nigel 48 M 712-243-2199 8         X X X   X 5, 6, Have 14' Capri, Some yacht sailing
Peggy 54 F 847-482-1764 2         X X X     3, 7, Basic Seaman Cert., 20 years on various sailboat
Ray   M 1 X           X      
Ray 38 M 763-522-6180 1 X X X X           2. Four years racing experience.