Shell Lake July 3rd Celebration Regatta
by Tom Scott

The 2nd Shell Lake July 3rd Celebration Sailing Regatta had 11 boats entered (9 different designs) of which 9 were from out of town. Our Chief Official, Dennis Wagner, from Minneapolis, MN. changed the course a little at the start because of a 90 degree wind change and it made for an exciting race. I think he did a great job and hope to get him back next year.


1) Steve Parsons, Spooner, WI.
2) Mark Muraski, Spooner, WI.
3) Jerry Okonek, Spooner, WI.

1) Tom LeMire, Somerset, WI.
2) Mike Jorgenson, Hayward, WI.
3) Thom Burns, Minneapolis, MN

1) Jim Crandall, Drummond, WI.
2) Dennis Anderson, Minnetonka, MN.
3) Gary Vig, Cumberland, WI.

Check our new and improved Sailing Home page being worked on by Dr. Brian Janz under It will appear on the sailing page in the near future. I think that you will be impressed and there are some sailing pictures of the above race on the site. Hope to see you on the water.