2001 Shell Lake Town & Country Days

Sailing Regatta Results

As John Frischmann of the Washburn County Register would say, "The ragbaggers finally had some wind for their sailing regatta." The weather was almost perfect with clear skies, 80 degrees and winds from 10 to 20 MPH. We had 19 sailboats participate and 15 of them were of different designs. It made for a great picture out on the lake. You can view some pictures taken of the race on Shell-Lake.com/sail.

Small Boats: 1) Jake Parsons, Spooner 2) Thom Burns, New Hope, MN 3) Alexis Olson, New Brighton, MN

Cruisers: 1) Lyle Holm, Spooner 2) Jim Crandall, Drummond, WI 3) Jerry Tuck, New Richmond, WI

Scows: 1) Tom LeMire, Somerset, WI 2) Mike Jorgenson, Hayward, WI 3) Randall Sippel, St. Paul, MN 

Catamarans: 1) Steve Parsons, Spooner 2) Dave Toftness, Amery 3) Brett Fiala, EauClaire