Racing News, Results, Lies, Etc.

FJUS Nationals Masters Champion

John Snyder (Iowa State Sailing Club Faculty Advisor) and teammate Rayn Richardson (Alumnus of Iowa State Sailing Club) finished 2nd in International FJ Class National Championships, and won the FJUS Master’s Trophy (best over-40 year old skipper) for the second consecutive year, this time on Lake Erie at Catawba Island, OH July 16-18. It is only the third time in the history of the FJUS Master’s Trophy that it has been won by the same person on consecutive years. Sailing conditions were difficult: clear, hot, and very little wind. In the one race with better wind, they finished 1st, and were the only boat to beat the eventual Chamions in any race in the Regatta. They raced a rare wooden FJ (West System epoxy-impregnated) which John had just purchased in Cleveland over Memorial Day weekend, and had to hustle to have ready in time. The International FJ is similar to the “Club FJ” sailed by club and university teams, but has a lighter hull, a spinnaker for downwind sailing, a trapeeze for the crew, and planes much more easily.

For more information contact John Snyder 515-294-4312.

Cowtown Classic
Hoover Yacht Club, Ohio

by Ron Stryker

A forecasted front (Sunday) with 30 mph steady and gusts to 51 mph motivated the 21 registered sailors to complete the six scheduled races in a marathon series of shortened courses on Saturday, Shifty East 8-15 mph winds with gusts to 18 mph made local knowledge non-existent.

Three races were sailed in the morning followed by lunch during which the much needed masseuses were kept busy. The three afternoon races were completed in an increasing breeze with light rain topping off the final race. What was slow: Starting early, 720s, and shooting the wrong corner.

During the break between sailing and dinner, the Masters and GMs pretended to feel fine while the amateurs expressed feelings of being a bit sore. Quote of the day: “I’m tired.” The prime rib dinner capped off a full day followed by awards presentation.

As we have done for the last three years, the cowtown and Cowan Lake’s ‘Cowan Scowin’ regatta in October will be scored together with the winner taking the State of Ohio Championship.

Results: 1) Dave Bandstra, MI 2) Ted Keller, OH 3) Glen Walborn, MI 4) Phil Weiler, OH 5) Curt Miller, MI 6) Ron Stryker, OH 7) Mark White, OH 8) Doug Stryker, WI 9) George Fisher, OH 10) Doug Kiser, OH 11) Carl Pratt, OH 12) Peter Cunningham, NY 13) Bob Bellafronto, OH 14) Ken Bandstra, MI 15) Mark Weaver, MI 16) Judy Hearn, OH 17) Jack Sanderson, OH 18) Jim Joanson, MI 19) John Bregel, OH 20) Greg Sutton, MI 21) Dan Gloeckner, OH.

2002 Race to Mackinac

Mackinac Cup 
(Large Boat PHRF) 

Section: 1: 1) Kokomo, Schulz, Wes 2) Pyewacket, Disney, Roy 3) Sassy, Schmidt, E. Russell 4) Pied Piper, Jennings, Richard 5) Main Street, Schanen III, William 6) Denali, McKinley, William 

Section: GL70: 1) Nitemare, Neill, Tom 2) Pied Piper, Jennings, Richard 3) Mirage, Group, Mirage 4) Windancer IV, Nedeau, John 5) Chance, Brotz, Michael 6) Stripes, Martin, Bill 7) Colt 45, Fletcher, Allan 8) Thirsty Tiger, D'ottavio, Albert 9) Holua, Thornton, Peter 10) Evolution, Kohler, Terry 11) Equation, Alcott, Bill 12) Blondie, Sammann, Paul. 

Section: Farr40: 1) Heartbreaker, Hughes, Robert 2) Sorcerer, Landwer, Mark 3) Bandit, Tompkins, Charles 4) Hot Lips, Whitford, Christopher 5) Program, Levins, Warren 6) Morrigan, Boyle, Kevin 7) Virago, Townsend, Stuart 8) Flash Gordon, Jahn, Helmut 9) Pendragon, Jackman, Brian.

Section: Farr395:
1) Chaos, Bernbaum Amedio, Mr.Schroesder 2) Mosquito, Radtke, Dave 3) Ragged Edge, Boelkins, Chuck 4) Drumbeat, Ted Etheridge & Mort Olds 5) Skye, Hoswell, Jeffery 6) Jason, Cohen, Edward 7) Zoom, Miz, George 

Section: 2: 1) Majic, Ruley, Dorsey 2) J.Swift, Nolan, Ronald 3) Jeannine III, Roeser, Jack 4) Midnight Express, Viau, James 5) Goblin, Thomas, Lindy 6) Twister, Wake, Herbert 7) Natalie, O'Neil, Philip 8) St Francis, Cruz, Jairo 9) Coup D' Etat, Elsasser, Ron and Jerri 10) Erleichda, Crandall, Don 11) Margaret Rintoul IV, Smyth, Ed 12) Fast Eddy, Buerger, Edward 13) Skededel, Barba, Randy 14) Dakota, Ryner, Anthony 15) Dolphin, Ruhland, Larry 16) Salsa, Stott, Pete 17) Willie, Petter, William 18) Bullseye, Stitt, Donald 19) Insatiable, Ritteer, Thomas 20) Airwaves, Smirl, Dale 21) Lightning, Seger, Bob 22) Wild Oats, Donald, Thinschmidy 23) Ruffian, Pitman, Randall.

Section: 3: 1) Illusion, Brandenburg Jr., Robert 2) Bigtime, Wittenberg, Jeff 3) Relentless, Hagan, Mark 4) Prima Donna, Neal, John 5) C C Rider, Kelley, Jack 6) Fine Line, Montplaisir, Rich 7) Gauntlet, Hiestand, Guy 8) Sagitta, Somes, Jon 9) Painkiller 4, Martin, Alice 10) Iris, Fletcher, Stephen 11) Howl, Garrity, Scott & 12) Bacchant, Sullivan, Jerome 13) Hobgoblin, Hobbs, Richard 14) Live Wire, Igoe, Philip 15) Windquest, DeVos, Doug 16) Olympian, Purtell Jr., Edward A. 17) Epic, Adams, Raymond and Winifred 18) Liberte, Gabrielse, Tim 19) Surface Tension,Shaefer, Jeffery 20) Troubadour, Wilhelm, Lawrence & Felicia 21) Tsunami, Stephens, Greg 22) Pronto, Krissoff, Joel 23) Xpress, Elam, Chick & Diemand 24) Eagle, O'Neill, Jerry and Shawn 25) Morning Star, Hennig, Rick 26) Serenissima, Munden, Robin 27) Rambunctious, Poulin, David 28) Screaming O, Francis, William.

Section: Ben40.7: 1) Finesse, McMillan, Alan 2) La Tempete, Weber, Tom and Deb 3) Bushwacker, Anderson, Frances and Gerald 4) Rocking Horse, Curtiss, Sandy 5) Excalibur, Tarson, David 6) Reggae, Aruffo, Marie and TJ 7) Das Boot, Muller, Jay and Cindy 8) Vayu, Buzil, Ronald.

Section: J35: 1) Grace E, Lhamon, Rusty 2) Bozos Circus, Metcalf, Bruce 3) Habenero, Lynch, Kevin 4) Aftershock, Newman, William 5) Touch of Grey, Schell, Larry 6) Renegrade, McMahon, Terence 7) Grace, Barth, Edward 8) Ragtime, Sterenberg, Mike 9) Sociable, Arzbaecher, Robert.

Section: 4: 1) Broderix Kolar, Brooke And Robert 2) Lancashire Lass, Stephen, Jim 3) Spanker, McDonnell, Dennis 4) Folie A Duex, Kwiat, Larry 5) Caprice, John Miller, Stu Elliott 6) Titan, DuMouchelle,Schuttes,Aitken, Mr. 7) Regardless, 0 Taylor, Stu 8) Twisted, Darbee, William 9) Vixen, Schewe, Tom 10) Captain Blood 2, Bob Locke & Don Glasell 11) Bramble, Rohrer, Bruce 12) Burden, DeBoer, Guy 13) Delphinus, Polk, Stephen R 14) Focal, Taylor, Robert 15) Spitfire, Hellquist, James 16) Big Meanie, Prendergast, James 17) Challenge, Teborek, Ray 18) Gadget, Seaman, William 19) Eagle's Wings, Gottwald, John 20) Moonraker, Muench, Nils 21) Bravo, Dekker, Thomas 22) Michela, Gambetta, Miguel 23) Ripple, Rafson, Robert 24) Obsession, MacDonald, Albert.

Chicago-Mackinac Trophy (Small Boat PHRF)

Section: 5: 1) Thunderbolt, Burch, James 2) Experience, Kuehn, Charles 3) Captain Blood, Rogers, Douglas 4) Serenity, Marks, Jack 5) Quiet Refuge, Leonard, Rod 6) On Edge, Dorfman, Steve 7) Kiaora, Carroll, Ronald 8) Intrepid, Carlile, Thomas 9) Chaika, Kovalsky, Gene 10) Danny Boy, Ireland, Thomas 11) Fury, Powell, Gary 12) Geronimo, Forney, Bob 13) Sorcerer, Draper, Don Ray 14) First Light, Day, Frederick K.W. 15) Esta Es III, McCarthy, Gene 16) Can Can, Boltz, Clemens 17) Outrageous, Comeaux, Jeff and Carol 18) Wildwind, Conwell, Thomas 19) Draco, Vanderpoel, Michael 20) Mirage, Boyle, John 21) Phantom, Rickelman, Thomas.

Section: J105: 1) Pronto II, Edman, Tom & Marilyn 2) Joie De Vie, Hastings, Martin 3) Caress, Weglarz, Jon 4) Peregrine, Stoll, Mark 5) Tempest, Glover, Nancy 6) New World, Smith, Roberty and Alice 7) Patriot, Dabrowski, Steve 8) Dos Aguilas, Gignac, Jim 9) La Chamad, Watson, J Brian 10) Lucky Dubie, Siegal, Len 11) Vytis, Petkus, Tomas 12) Liquid Courage, Heun, Daniel 13) Sealark, Pellett, Clark 14) Gonzo, Ed Reagan, Ken Ganch and 15) Space Cowboy, Baranski, Jim and Sue 16) Top Tick, Nichols, Mark 17) Intangible, Falck, Tom.

Section: 6: 1) Holy Toledo!, Andrews, Tom 2) Radiance, White, Benjamin 3) Daybreak, Chatain JR, Robert 4) Bloomerang, Bloom, Harry 5) Scheherezade, Alwattar, Jamal 6) Velero VI, Barbour, John 7) Rush, Alisch, Jeff 8) Rock On!, Warren, Vik 9) Rumors, Osterick Jr, William 10) Driven, Milliken, James 11) Ozymandias IV, Flagstad, Kim 12) Retriever, Verdier, David 13) Maskwa, Waller, Donald 14) Planet Red, Larimer, Thomas 15) Celerity, E Zisook & S Dummer 16) Moody Blue, Barton, William 17) Grytviken, Radoslaw Zemojdzin, Piotr Madrzyk and Zbigniew Mazgaj 18) Lionheart, Roake, Steve 19) Arriba, Palmer, Thomas 20) Siren Song, Merlin, Thomas 21) Assassin, Sansome, Robert 22) Hilaria, Lohan, Dirk 23) George, Thomas, William 24) Certainly, Meyer, Donald.

Section: 7: 1) Lucky Comet, Giampoli, Frank 2) Toscana, Urbanowicz, Wes 3) Tenacity, O'Connell, Richard 4) Mystified, McCluskey, Thomas 5) Runaway, Gorey, Tom 6) Evergreen, Hollenbeck, Lee 7) Whisper, Barnes, Thomas 8) C-Varmint, Porter, Curt 9) My Whim, O'Malley, William 10) Most Wanted, Janik, Jim 11) Great Escape III, Sheppard, Robert 12) Cheep N Deep, Kuhn, Randy 13) Royal Blue, Fisher, R. Gregory 14) Whitecap, Walsh, William 15) Collaboration, Vickery, Robert 16) Jack-A-Roe, Dybas, John 17) Time, Cable, Charles 18) Decoy, Shawn Dwer and Ian Fisher 19) Panacea, Castle, Robert 20) Que Loco, Dykstra, Bradley 21) Rush, Witucki, Dan.

Section: T10: 1) US, Strilky, Rick 2) Temerity, Baker, Doug 3) Britsar, Schram, Ken 4) Talisman, Mehaffey, Stan 5) Windemon, Clasen, David 6) Bushido, Witaszek, George 7) Raindows End, Fink, Steven 8) Wild Norwegian, Eiesland, Arvid 9) Terminal Velocity, Beemsterboer, Simon 10) Scotch Mist, Keepper, John 11) Jaws, Hildwein, Todd 12) Billy Bones, The Whitford Phantom Sundicate 13) Witch-Craft, Webb, James 14) Siege, Gordon, Glen 15) Erica, Kaczor, Knoepke 16) Alibi, Elledge, Richard And Jeanne 17) Waterworks, Lillie, Rick and Mary Ann 18) Tall Dog, Taylor, Keith 19) Yellow Mellow, Emmerich, Waldeman 20) Pegasus, Krasinski, Andrea Ann 21) Atra, Woollen, J Michael And Karen 22) Mischief, Travis, David 23) Top Dog, Wurtzebach, Mark 24) Contumacious, Mitchell, James 25) Cheap Thrill, Snyder, Nancy and Tim 26) Glider XV, Stearns, Mr. 27) Bee, Capper, Holland 28) Outrageous, Eric Kerlow, Bill Mintz 29) Amateur II, Fagerstrom, William.

Section: 8: 1) XS, Cochran, Donald 2) Dandelion, Jacobs, Tom 3) Wavelength, Norbut, Jerry 4) Shape, Cooper, Win 5) White Spray, Gallagher, John 6) Mistress, Dickinson, Peter 7) Free Agent, DePaepe, Miles 8) Cahoots, Vigil, Thomas 9) Wings, Bowker, Anthony 10) Wave Dancer, Sklar, Michael 11) Karma, Karma Sailing Group 12) Nana, William Mc Caffrey, Alan Baske and 13) Dutch Letters, Bender, Larry 14) Windara, Gustafson, Glenn 15) Bodacious, Urbina, Jeffery 16) Latest Trick, Kochanek, Gary 17) Vetera, Kazlas, Raymond 18) Dream Catcher, Huson, James 19) Queen Nefertiti, Manson, Lawrence 20) Spirit of Adventure, Gustman, David 21) Encore, Boersma, Cork 22) Dr. Detroit, Karl, Peter 23) Escape, Mikos, Thomas 24) Measure for Measure, Tobin, Brian 25) Accord, Hansmann, Elwood 26) Wind Quest, Phelps III, Bob.

Section: 9: 1) Bantu Block, Kuber, Thomas 2) Innisfree, Whalen, Robert 3) Perfect Lady, Vargish, Thomas 4) Marijke, Veersma, Jonathan 5) Tiger Lily, Nowak, Leonard 6) Dragon Lady, Kalinsky, Raymond 7) Teophilia, Luken, Martin 8) Screamin' O, Brue, Scott 9) Baybear, C/O Radm Thomas A Stansbury, Navy Sailing Foundation 10) Timeout, Kroll, Mark 11) Running Tide, McLaughlin, Geoffrey 12) Cynthia, DeVries, James 13) Hallel, Anderson, Billie 14) Providence, Miarecki, Jerry and Greg 15) Misty, McIntosh, Thomas 16) Viper, Laslow, F. William 17) Tomfoolery, Van Tol, Thomas 18) Souvenir, Schiller, Steve 19) Kutty's Ark, Morrissey, George 20) Mahdi Albin, Bialik II, Peter.


Section: Americap: 1) Majic, Ruley, Dorsey 2) Collaboration, Vickery, Robert 3) Hilaria, Lohan, Dirk 4) Kutty's Ark, Morrissey, George 5) Margaret Rintoul IV, Smyth, Ed 6) Mahdi Albin, Bialik II, Peter 7) Epic, Adams, Raymond and Winifred 8) White Spray, Gallagher, John 9) Shape, Cooper, Win 10) Pied Piper, Jennings, Richard 11) Fast Eddy, Buerger, Edward 12) Eagle, O'Neill, Jerry and Shawn 13) Jeannine III, Roeser, Jack 14) Salsa, Stott, Pete 15) Serenissima, Munden, Robin 16) Goblin, Thomas, Lindy 17) Bigtime, Wittenberg, Jeff 18) Moonraker, Muench, Nils 19) Contumacious, Mitchell, James 20) Decoy, Shawn Dwer and Ian Fisher 21) Painkiller 4, Martin, Alice.


Section: Multihull:
1) Merloe, Enloc, HL 2) Cathexis, DeRoeck, Irving 3) Ahyadooin, Husted, Forbes 4) Gamera, Scharl, Matt 5) Caliente, Steck, Micheal 6) Zingara, Segraves, Mark 7) Stray Dog, Smit, John 8) High Priority 2, Shneider, David 9) Adagio, Gougeon, Meade 10) Stampede, White, Ronald 11) Emma, Kaplan, Gregory 12) Nice Pair, Geffen, Bruce 13) Accipter, Kirsten, Bob 14) Big Storm, Frederick, James.