New Products

New, Low-Power 
Gen-Set is Quiet and Optimizes Valuable Space

Regardless of their crafts’ size, most boaters need to optimize available onboard space and minimize noise levels. To help owners, Next Generation Power Engineering now offers its new, ultra-compact 2.4 kW diesel gen-set.

Measuring 26” long x 12-3/4” wide x 12-3/4” high, the UCM 1-2.4 is powered by a dependable, single-cylinder Kubota engine and fits in spaces boaters may not have thought possible. It’s ideal for operating 5,000 to 7,000 BTU air conditioners or low-draw appliances and equipment.

While most small gen-sets are designed to operate at 3,600 rpm, the UCM 1-2.4 runs at just 2,000 rpm, creating much less noise from engine speed and vibration. It’s so quiet that it doesn’t need a sound enclosure. In addition, it only weighs 140 pounds.

Along with these benefits, owners can expect extremely high fuel efficiency and increased safety. The 2.4 burns just over 12 ounces of diesel fuel per hour, and the boater doesn’t have to store volatile gas fuel onboard.

Suggested price of the UCM 1-2.4 diesel gen-set is $3,995.
From Next Generation Power Engineering, Inc., Phone: 888-463-9879 or 904-642-8555.

New Spray Coating Significantly Upgrades Performance

Hyspeedkote is a long lasting, easy to apply hydrophilic polymer spray that dramatically reduces drag on underwater surfaces. By holding a thin layer of water on hull bottoms, Hyspeedkote decreases the time and distance it takes power craft to plane, increases fuel economy, provides a softer ride in rough water, and quiets the hull at all speeds, lessening bow slap and pounding. The product is a natural for sailboats since the more coated surface in the water, the greater the increase in efficiency.

Because Hyspeedkote is water insoluble it will not wash away like hydrophilic polymers of the past. It is effective on any surface, regardless of composition, configuration, or size.

The coating has successfully passed rigorous testing by professionals and is being used by top ranked offshore APBA racing teams.

Waxes and sealants that many boaters apply to enhance performance, or those contained in gelcoat as a result of the mould release process, are actually counterproductive. These water-repelling coatings create a “dry” surfacce that only increases drag. Hyspeedkote reduces this friction, allowing vessels to slice through the water much more effortlessly.

The coating is available in four, environmentally friendly, bladder filled spray cans that assure a steady flow and allow the product to be applied from any angle. One ounce covers approximately 14 square feet.

Suggested retail prices range from $9.95 for 1.5 ounces to $59.95 for 14 ounces. For complete product information and ordering, visit

Premium Brushes Clean and Protect

Because yachts, weekend cruisers and even family runabouts are major investments, it’s important to choose cleaning tools that not only are suited to the job but also help protect a boat’s finish. Shurhold Industries addresses these concerns with its line of handcrafted, soft-bristle brushes.

Shurhold uses the highest quality hardwoods and yellow polystyrene bristles in these brushes. The bristles have specially treated ends, making them extra soft and able to hold more soap and water. Each brush also features rustproof, nickel/silver stapling wire to fasten the bristles, and a wraparound safety bumper to guard against scratching curved surfaces and corners.

The line inclueds 6”, 8” and 10” straight brushes and a 5” round one. These premium care tools attach securely to any of Shurhold’s fixed-length or telescoping handles with the company’s built-in Shur-Lok quick release adapter.
Shurhold manufactures a complete line of premium care cleaning tools, including mops, brushes, swivel pads, scrubbers, chamois, squeegees, handle adapters and extensions. Suggested retail price of the soft-bristle brushes starts at $24.88.

From Shurhold Industries, Phone: 800-962-6241, Website: