Let’s Celebrate!

The photos used in Celebration Sailing Festival are sent in by Midwest sailors like you, from all over the world. Have a photoyou think other sailors would like to see? Something that might show the true feeling behind why you sail? You can send prints or digital files.
mihsaEach photo must include who it was taken by, who is in the picture, and where it was taken if possible. Also, it should have your name and address on it. Submission means we have authorization to use them for publication in print and online, and don’t expect them back!  
Sailing with Mariska  
Amy and Danielle on deck  
sunset at Windigo Dock  
Devils Island Sea Caves  
Outer Island sandspit, Apostle Islands  
Seaplance at Beach Club  
E-mail: Put “Celeb Sailing Photo” in the subject line to Info@SailingBreezes.com

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Celeb Sailing Photo
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