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Denver Area Childrens Sailing Program Gave Rides to Special Needs Kids

On Wednesday September 15, Community Sailing of Colorado, Ltd. (a non-profit childrens sailing program), Mile Hi Boy Scouts, Standley Lake Regional Park and seven public schools from the north west part of the Denver metro area partnered to get 190 special needs children and young adults sailing at Standley Lake in Westminster. Kids ranged in age from 10 years old to 20 years old and had a multitude of physical or cognitive problems in their life. Some kids were deaf, some kids were autistic, some kids were blind. Most of the kids that attended this free event had never experienced boating previously. I saw many smiles and grins that day, both from kids and our 25 volunteers. Ten sailboats plied the waters of Standley Lake, for 4 hours, with volunteer sailing skippers (some volunteers were kids that learned to sail with community Sailing) giving rides.

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Steve Frank
Executive Director
Community Sailing of Colorado, Ltd.

American Sailing Association (ASA) Featured in UPN's Hit Reality Show “Amish In The City”
America Watches As ASA Introduces Amish Youth To Their First Sailing Experience

When UPN’s summer reality series “Amish in the City” concludes its successful run on Tuesday, September 21, the American Sailing Association will be highlighted as a featured part of the show’s conclusion.

“Amish in the City” provides a unique look into the Amish rite of self-discovery, called “rumspringa.” During rumspringa, young Amish adults have an opportunity to leave their spiritually devout, rural communities to experience life in the big city. The show’s Amish participants – Mose, Randy, Miriam, Ruth and Jonas – are exposed to big city life in Los Angeles where they share a Hollywood Hills house with their city youth counterparts - Nick, Meagan, Ariel, Kevan, Reese and Whitney. The show follows the stories of the Amish young adults and their roommates as they learn to live together. The series chronicles how relationships develop and viewpoints collide in a house shared by young people from very different cultures, while introducing viewers to the intensely personal Amish coming-of-age experience.

Thanks to Executive Director Charlie Nobles’ “Hollywood” connections, the American Sailing Association was asked to participate in the final show.

“When the producers at New Line Television told us they were developing the show for UPN, we immediately recognized it as a great opportunity to introduce the Amish- as well as many Americans, nationwide- to the joys of sailing,” said Nobles. “We were happy to make possible their emotional experience of sailing on the Pacific Ocean. The ASA is pleased to share our mission of promoting safe, enjoyable sailing to everyone through the influence and reach of ‘Amish in the City.’”

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Asian Carp Moving Towards the Great Lakes
Two species of Asia carp, the silver and bighead, escaped into the Mississippi River from aquaculture facilities in the 1980s and significantly expanded their range during the large floods of the early 1990s. These fish are very aggressive, large, and devour native fish, and their continued expansion would destroy commercial and sports fish stocks in the Great Lakes.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers have received funding from the U.S. Congress and a number of states to build an enhanced barrier to keep them our of the Great Lakes.
The congress has authorized $6.8 million, which is 75 percent of the barrier's cost. The State of Illinois has committed $1.7 million, and the Great Lakes governors have committed the funding of the remaining non-federal share of $575,000.
The barrier, scheduled to be completed by February, 2005, stretches two rows of electrodes across a canal near the tributary of the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan approximate 220 feet apart. The electrodes pulse DC current into the water, and the fish would rather turn back than pass through the electric current.

Northern Breezes Contributor Wins Top National Award
Northern Breezes contributor, Marlin Bree is the winner of Boating Writers International's grand prize of $5,000 in its annual writing contest. The West Marine Writer's Award was announced at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show this morning, during BWI's annual membership meeting.

Bree's winning story, titled "A Solo Sailor Meets His Storm of the Century: The Day All Hell Broke Loose," was originally published in "Ensign" magazine. It told of the terror he experienced, when caught in his small boat on Lake Superior, in the record-breaking storm of July 4, 1999. This is the same storm that blew down millions of trees in the Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoe Area and then went out across the lake.

The winner of the West Marine Writer's Award was selected from a pool of 38 winners of the BWI annual writing contest, announced in February 2004. A panel of judges associated with Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism selected the winner of the grand prize from among the previous winners. The judges said that the winning story was:

"A real page turner. Compelling, engaging writing that is as fast-moving as the storm that engulfed this sailor on what started off as a clear calm day on Lake Superior. The writing is vivid in detail about what the sailor was seeing, feeling and thinking - all of that provided insights and lessons for others who could as easily find themselves suddenly in the eye of a storm."

BWI is a non-profit professional organization consisting of writers, broadcasters, editors, photographers, public relations specialists and others in the communications profession associated with the boating industry. Members include active marine journalists across the U.S., in Canada and Europe.

Bree, who has authored several books, is a regular contributor to Northern Breezes. He also told of his storm experience in his book, "Wake of the Green Storm." He lives in Shoreview, MN. Stop by and see Marlin at the Northern Breezes booth at the Minneapolis Boat Show, January 19-23.