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Armchair Navigators can Win a Star Clipper Cruise with the
75th Anniversary Contest Kicks Off September 16

Armchair navigators - as well as around the world adventurers - can win a grand prize seven night cruise for two aboard a famed Star Clipper mega-yacht by entering the online Weems & Plath 75th Anniversary "Adventure in Navigation" contest. Sponsored by Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatU.S.), the quiz-style contest starts September 16 and will run for 75 days in commemoration of the founding of Weems & Plath three-quarters of a century ago by Captain Philip Van Horn Weems (USNR).

Contestants start by registering at,or Each Tuesday during the contest period, six questions will be posted online for a total of 54 multiple choice questions about famous explorers, navigation methods, the storied history of Capt. Weems, and Weems & Plath products. The contestant with the most points at the end of November wins. Winners will be notified by December 16.

"2003 is a landmark year for Weems & Plath," said Peter Trogdon, Weems & Plath President. "Capt. Weems founded this company with the sole purpose of improving sea and air navigation methods and safety. He committed much of his life to simplifying techniques and developing newer, more accurate time saving inventions. Whether you have traveled across a lake, the sea or skies, chances are you have benefited from his contributions to navigation. We'd like to honor him and the important role he played in the advancement of modern navigation."

In the early 1930's Capt. Weems was widely credited with vastly improving navigational techniques which were in essence, unchanged since the early 1800's. His developments greatly simplified shipboard navigation and especially celestial aviation navigation. He taught navigation to Charles A. Lindbergh, flew to the North Pole long before it became routine, was an accomplished scuba-diver and came out of retirement to help develop a system for space navigation. He was also a recipient of the John Oliver la Gorce Medal by the National Geographic Society for his life's work in air, sea and space navigation. Weems died in 1979 at the age of 90.

Today, Weems and Plath is a manufacturer of fine nautical instruments in Annapolis, Maryland. They are providing six second-place prizes include Weems & Plath Limited Anniversary Edition brass ship's bell clocks or barometers and third-place prizes include 75 forged brass chart weights and 75 two-year memberships to BoatU.S.

BoatU.S. is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters and provides its 540,000 members with a wide array of consumer services including a group-rate marine insurance program that provides over $7 billion in hull coverage; the largest fleet of more than 400 towing assistance vessels; discounts on fuel, slips, and repairs at over 700 Cooperating Marinas; boat financing; and a subscription to BoatU.S. Magazine, the most widely read boating publication in the U.S. For membership information visit or call 800-395-2628.

For a complete list of "Adventure in Navigation" contest rules, visit,or

American Sailing Association Sponsors
A Series of Workshops Featuring
Lin and Larry Pardey
Lin and Larry Discover Minnesota!
With Good Old Boat Mag

The American Sailing Association has announced a series of daylong workshops entitles Priorities for Confident Cruising, featuring world-renown sailing adventurers Lin and Larry Pardey. Readers who have marveled at the Pardey’s accounts of their non-motorized world travels for more than three decades can take advantage of this rare chance to learn from the masters in person.
The Pardey’s many magazine articles and books such as Capable Cruiser, Cost Conscious and Self-Sufficient Sailor have kindles the dreams of ocean travel among eager sailors around the world
These day-long programs explore the details of preparing skipper and crew for the realities of affordable cruising. Topics include choosing a boat you can afford, or upgrade the one you have, general boat preparation and preparing for storm management ( among others).
The morning session is handled by Lin and Larry working together. In the afternoon the group is split into two. Larry discusses gear maintenance , tips for better engine service, rigging, spares, tools and upgrades. Lin discusses paperwork and financial planning for cruising plus cost saving once you are underway. The afternoon sessions cover gear that will help you be more self-sufficient plus luxuries that really add to the pleasure of cruising. Th e whole group re-unites for a summation.
Dates and locations:
Chicago, IL-Jan. 28, 2004
Minneapolis, MN-Feb 7-8, 2004
Miami, FL-Feb. 11, 2004
The base price workshop is $99 which includes lunch. Discounts available for ASA members, couples and early registration.. Register on-line at
The American Sailing Association sets standards for certifying sailing instructors and sailors. Its education system is administered through more than 250 professional certification facilities throughout the world.
PLUS: Lin and Larry Pardey discover Minnesota! The Pardeys are bringing their well-respected cruising seminars to Minnesota for the first time February 7 and 8, 2004, sponsored by Good Old Boat magazine. The two-day series consists of a full-day seminar on Saturday, Feb. 7, with attendance limited to 150 persons, and a shorter slide presentation on Sunday, Feb. 8, geared toward a larger audience. Rounding out the Sunday session are speakers Jim and Connie Grant of Sailrite and Minneapolis sailor, Bruce Pappas, who spent the summer delivering his boat up the East Coast from Florida through the Great Lakes.
The Pardeys' full-day seminar, "Priorities for Confident Cruising," focuses on preparing skipper and crew for the realities of affordable cruising as well as choosing a boat you can afford or upgrading the one you have. The afternoon of this session is broken into two sections. Larry will discuss gear maintenance, engine service, and tips about rigging, spares, tools, and upgrades. Lin will discuss paperwork and financial planning for cruising.
The weekend event will be held at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Plymouth, Minn., a northwest Minneapolis suburb.
For more information on the FL. and IL. events contact Henry Munns at P.O. Box 12079, Marina del Rey, CA 90295, (310) 822-7171, (310) 822-4741 (Fax), email or
For More information on the MN event contact Good Old Boat magazine, 763-420-8923.

DNR Receives Favorable Minnesota Supreme Court Decision on
Boat Searches

The Minnesota Supreme Court today ruled that Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officers may search boats and live wells without probable cause. The ruling reversed a lower court's decision that had prohibited them from conducting inspections of fish in angler's live wells. "The Supreme Court carefully balanced privacy rights and resource conservation interests," said DNR Enforcement Director Mike Hamm, "and ruled in favor of limited inspections by conservation officers to help sustain our natural resources."
The DNR, along with angling and sporting groups, had been very concerned with a lower court decision that stated officers were required to have probable cause to inspect angler's' boats.
"This ruling will help Minnesota conservation officers, who have protected the State resource since 1887, preserve these resources for generations to come, " Hamm said. Fishing plays an important role in the lives of many Minnesotans and the corresponding need for effective regulation to protect the viability of the state's fish and game resources was confirmed today by the Minnesota Supreme Court's decision on this matter, Hamm noted. The decision does not grant conservation officers powers beyond that of other law enforcement officers. Instead, recognizes that fishing is largely a recreational privilege and those "who chose to apply for this privilege accept the conditions imposed to the sport of game fishing." The ruling is consistent with other cases, including Montana's Boyer case in which the Montana Supreme Court ruled "no objectively reasonable expectation of privacy exists when a wildlife enforcement officer checks for hunting and fishing licenses in open season near game habitat, inquires about game taken, and requests to inspect game in the field." "The ruling recognizes how absurd it would be - because fishing can take hours or even days over broad areas - for conservation officers to individually watch every angler to determine if probable cause existed," Hamm said. This case differs from State v. Larsen (in which the Minnesota Supreme Court prohibited the search of an ice fishing house without probable cause). The court's position is that fish shelters are erected to protect occupants from the elements and often provide eating, sleeping and other facilities that allow for a reasonable expectation of privacy. That's different than an open boat.
For more information, contact Minnesota DNR Enforcement Director, Mike Hamm, (651) 296-4828.

Operation Assist”: Coast Guard Foundation Boosts Fund-Raising Efforts In Annual Campaign To Support The Men and Women of the USCG

The Coast Guard Foundation, A nonprofit organization supporting the men and women of the U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Academy, is rolling out “Operation Assist,” an ambitious annual fund-raising campaign to support more projects and programs that enhance the lives and well-being of all Coast Guard members. The foundation is targeting a $5 million fund-raising goal over the next year.
Caraway noted that requests to the Foundation for funds to support morale, wellness and recreation projects have exceeded the Foundation’s allocated funds by more than $10 million. “ many Americans don’t realize that the Coast Guard operates on very limited funding, while performing a wide range of services for the American public ranging from homeland protection to water rescue, boating safety, marine environment protection and research.”
The Foundation’s Board of Directors, comprising some 100 prominent individuals form the private sector, are playing a vital role in helping the Foundation achieve its Operation Assist fund-raising goal of $5 million over the next year. The Foundation is throughout the U.S. and abroad.
The upsurge in Foundation funding comes at a time when the U.S. Coast Guard is adjusting to increased responsibilities in the post-9/11 world. As the lead Federal agency for maritime homeland security, multiple initiative are underway to expand homeland security operations. The Coast Guard also recently supported U.S. military operations overseas, deploying equipment and personnel for the war in Iraq. In addition, the Coast Guard’s workforce has grown by ten percent since 9/11.
To make a contribution or to find out more information, individuals may visit the Coast Guard Foundation Web site at, call 860-535-0786, or write to the Foundation at Coast Guard Foundation, 394 Taugwonk Rd., Stonington, Ct 06378-1807