Cruising Recipe “New Feature”
Easy Breakfast Recipe for a “One Pan” Dish

Breakfast Frittata
(Serves four people)
Cook in a non-stick fry pan.

Whisk together;
6 eggs
˝ cup grated cheese (your choice)
2 Tbsp milk or cream
Add a dash of salt, pepper

In a pan, fry with 1 Tbsp butter or oil, Until lightly brown;
1 cooked potato diced
˝ cup bell peppers diced
˝ cup onion diced
˝ cup celery diced
Add a dash of salt, pepper

When lightly browned, add whisked eggs.
Make it spicy with Cayenne, Cajun or Caribbean spice!
Lower heat and cover with lid, or foil.
Simmer on low heat a few minutes until egg mix is cooked

The beauty of this recipe is that you can substitute any veggies,
Or use leftovers. You can also add cooked meats, such as
Sausage, bacon, or ham, just reduce the amount of potato.

By Joseph Racheli
Racheli's Deli
Washburn, WI

Joseph cooked aboard Northern Breezes Sailing School boats in the British Virgin Islands in February and March. He received rave reviews from his guests!