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ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. (April 15, 2003) - From April 10-13 the St. Petersburg Yacht Club (SPYC), with support from title sponsor Rolex Watch U.S.A., hosted the Rolex Women's Match, an International Sailing Federation (ISAF) grade 4 women's match-racing event. Elizabeth Kratzig (Corpus Christi, Texas/Miami, Fla.) went undefeated in the round-robin event to claim victory with her crew of Leah Hoepfner, Katie Lovelace and Sally Barkow, the 2001 champion.

"We weren't expecting the win as we had never sailed together as a team," said Kratzig. "Communication and boathandling were great on-board and that helped us in our starts and maneuvering around marks. In fact, we gained around every mark rounding."
Organized to introduce women sailors to one-on-one match racing, the regatta featured a skills and rules clinic by match racing world champion and America's Cup skipper Ed Baird on April 10. Nine teams of women sailors participated in the weekend event, sailing 36 races - round robin-style - on Tampa Bay in Sonar keelboats.

"The clinic with Ed was helpful and he was so very entertaining to listen to," said Kratzig. "Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and we learned a lot. He kept everyone's attention going over the basics of match racing, which are important. We learned that the most important part of the race isn't the start, but the finish!"

True to the regatta's mission of encouraging more women to try match racing, the Rolex Women's Match attracted women sailors of all ages and experience levels.

With her win, Kratzig earned an automatic invitation to the 2003 Rolex Osprey Cup, an ISAF Grade 1 event. Kratzig is working toward a Yngling berth for the 2004 Olympic Games with Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year Cory Sertl and Jody Swanson.

Chief Umpire of the Rolex Women's Match was Barbara Farquhar (St. Petersburg, Fla.) with umpires: Bob Burgess (Bonita Beach, Fla.), Sandy Grosvenor (Annapolis, Md.) Donna Hobbs (Glastonbury, Conn.), David Kilponen (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), Henry Menin (St. Thomas, USVI), Ann Newton (Ozona, Fla.), Tom Rinda (St. Petersburg, Fla.) and Debi Schoenherr (Grosse Pointe Park, Mich.).

Results: Final April 15 (36 matches completed) Finish, Skipper, Hometown, Crew

1. Elizabeth Kratzig (Miami, Fla.) with Sally Barkow, Leah Hoepfner and Katie Lovelace 2. Sarah Buckley (Chicago, Ill.) with Laurie Poppen, Chafee Emory and Lisa Vedder 3. Rachael Silverstein (St. Petersburg, Fla.) with Meredith Pelton, Kristin Britt and Alexis Ackman 4. Nancy Zangerle (Cleveland, Ohio) with Susan McDowell, Susie Wulff and Keven Eiber 5. Sandy Hayes (Scituate, Mass.) with Fiona Lockwood, Julie Wilkinson and Sue Michos 6. Kathy Lundeen (Sheboygan, Wisc.) with Denise Strand, Laurie Jost and Michele Villani 7. Charlie Arms (Vallejo Calif.) with Colleen Cooke, Jessamine Lewis and Trisha Birkenstock 8. Pat Seidenspinner (St. Petersburg, Fla.) with Carole Bardes, Helen Larsen and Brooke Taliaferro 9. Capucine Pin (Annapolis, Md.) with Dianne Sullivan, Lisa Tate and Jennifer Wulff

2003 MC North American Regatta Results
Pewaukee YC, WI
May 3 - 4, 2003

Results submitted by Eric Hood on May 6, 2003

1) Heimsch, Brian CLYC/ WI, 2) Trester, Rick M CLYC/ WI, 3) Keller, Ted TLYC/ MI, 4) Reese, Kelley W LGYC/ WI, 5) Comfort, Pete TLYC/ MI, 6) Mestan, Terry M CLYC/ WI, 7) Clayton, Zack LESC/ FL, 8) Fredman, Tim GM PLYC/ WI, 9) Bandstra, Dave SLYC/ MI, 10) Wilfert, Rick OYC/ WI, 11) Toumanoff, Peter M PYC/ WI, 12) Bandstra, Katie W SLYC/ MI, 13) Chatterton, Markham, 14) Fink, Dan LMYC/ WI, 15) Barkow, Sally W PLYC/ WI, 16) Burdick, Bob GM PYC/ WI, 17) Wilfert, Mark OYC/ WI, 18) Harken, Peter GM PYC/ WI, 19) Brown, Wendy W NLYC/ WI, 20) Ziegler, Peter M CLYC/ WI, 21) Wilfert, Tom M OYC/ WI, 22) Gallagher, Bruce PLYC/ WI, 23) Rotier, Steve M LBYC/ WI, 24) Harrison, David LGYC/ WI, 25) Keller, Lath TLYC/ MI, 26) Ackley, Russ GM PYC/ WI, 27) Hood, Eric LESC/ FL, 28) Duley, Richard MM LDSC/ IA, 29) Cleary, Timothy NLYC/WI, 30) Ziegler, Rod M LGYC/ WI, 31) Moran, Paul PLYC/ WI, 32) Sutter, Greg M PYC/ WI, 33) Curio, Ron M MYC/WI, 34) Toumanoff, Andy J PYC/ WI, 35) Stevens, Kevin.

2003 Spring Shakedown Regatta Results
Grand Rapids YC, MI
May 17 - 18, 2003

(Results submitted by Curt Bradley on May 18, 2003)

1) Cam McNeil WLYC/MI, 2) Rob Kimball SLYC/MI, 3) J.Hood/A.Molesta GRYC/MI, 4) Brien Fox SLYC/MI, 5) Pete Comfort TLYC/MI, 6) Dave Fox SLYC/MI, 7) Bob Currier WLYC/MI, 8) Ted Keller TLYC/MI, 9) John McNeil WLYC/MI, 10) John Knape GM GRYC/MI, 11) Alan Hickman TLYC/MI, 12) Scott Caston GRYC/MI, 13) Mary Vorel W GRYC/MI, 14) Dan Chappel GRYC/MI, 15) Andy Rundquist M GRYC/MI, 16) Curt Miller GM GRYC/MI, 17) Eric Wynsma GRYC/MI, 18) Paul Eggert GM SLYC/MI, 19) Joe Rotonda SLYC/MI, 20) Graham Allen, 21) Dave Bedau GM WLYC/MI, 22) Bill Babel GRYC/MI, 23) Tom Wurster GM DLYC/MI, 24) Birch Bayly WLYC/MI, 25) Curt Bradley AM GRYC/MI, 26) Ken Bandstra GM GRYC/MI, 27) David Wickland SLYC/MI, 28) Danielle Ralston W GRYC/MI, 29) Dave Franckowiak MYC/IN, 30) Scott Hand GRYC/MI, 31) Matt Reinhardt GRYC/MI, 32) Al Vorel GRYC/MI, 33) Bill Schatt GRYC/MI, 34) Charles Yoke MI.

2003 Cow Town Regatta Results
Hoover SC, OH
April 25 - 27, 2003

Results submitted by Ron Stryker on April 30, 2003

1) Pete Comfort TLYC/ MI, 2) Zack Clayton Quantum, 3) Glen Walborn SLYC/ MI, 4) Ted Keller HYC/ OH, 5) Katie Bandstra W SLYC/ MI, 6) Dave Bandstra SLYC/ MI, 7) Scott Caston GRYC/ MI, 8) Scott Cioe KYC/NY, 9) Mark White HYC/ OH, 10) Peter Cunningham KYC/NY, 11) Phil Weiler CLSA/ OH, 12) Ron Stryker M HYC/ OH, 13) Lynn Walborn W SLYC/ MI, 14) Alan Hickman M TLYC/ MI, 15) Carl Pratt GM CLSA/ OH, 16) Bill Best M CLYC/ WI, 17) John Hans ELYC/ MI, 18) Ron Curio M MYC/WI, 19) Jack Sanderson M HYC/ OH, 20) John Bregel A HYC/ OH, 21) Curt Miller M GRYC/ MI, 22) Curt Bradley MM GRYC/ MI, 23) Mark Weaver GRYC/ MI, 24) Ken Bandstra M SLYC/ MI, 25) Rick McCreery M HYC/ OH, 26) George Fisher MM HYC/ OH, 27) Sid Peterson GM PLYC/ WI,

2003 4th Annual Spring Fever Regatta Results
Okauchee Lake YC, WI
May 17 - 18, 2003

1) Dan Fink LMYC/WI, 2) Brian Heimsch CLYC/WI, 3) Zack Clayton LESC/FL, 4) Dave Bandstra SLYC/MI, 5) Rick Trester M CLYC/WI, 6) Kevin Neal LGYC/WI, 7) Craig Adams M LYC/WI, 8) Tim Fredman GM BLYC/WI, 9) Katie Bandstra W SLYC/MI, 10) Bruce Gallagher PLYC/WI, 11) Mark Wilfert OLYC/WI, 12) Craig Thompson M OLYC/WI, 13) Peter Toumanoff M PYC/WI, 14) Kelly Reese W LGYC/WI, 15) Steve Rotier M LBYC/WI, 16) Tom Wilfert M OLYC/WI, 17) Scott Stetter OLYC/WI, 18) Rick Wilfert OLYC/WI, 19) Tim Cleary NLYC/WI, 20) Al Haeger LBYC/WI, 21) Jim Pyott GM LGYC/WI, 22) Wendy Brown W, 23) Chuck Nichols MM LGYC/WI, 24) Victor Murn M LGYC/WI.