Green Flash
by L.M. Lawson

Reviewed by Alexis Olson

Jessie and Neal Fox are live-aboard sailors who stumble upon a missing woman and her camera. The couple are not able to take the woman’s body with them, but they are able to recover her camera and take it with them to authorities. While Jessie and Neal deliver the camera to authorities they encounter ambush and sabotage. 

As you read Green Flash the “missing woman” changes from a simple accident on the high seas to a murder case. The questions are “who did it,” why did the person(s) do it, and what’s on the camera? You have some guesses, but nothing solid until the very end of the book. 

Green Flash is realistic, full of new questions to ask about each new ambush or sabotage that comes along, and keeps you guessing who the culprit is throughout the book. Green Flash is a great book for any sailor who is looking for a “Who Done It” mystery. 

Lawson and her husband Carl have been cruising on their 28’ Bristol Channel cutter, Bijou, for ten years now. They’ve sailed from the west coast of the U.S. through the tropical regions of Mexico and Central America, transited the Panama Canal, and crossed the Atlantic to the colder latitudes of England and Norway. Presently, Bijou is in Port St. Louis, France, on the Mediterranean Sea.