Break The Wind And Protect Your Eyes With Windjammer Eyewear
Polarized Sport Glasses Are Comfortable And a Leap Forward

By Thom Burns

When sailing, if your shades break all the wind, they seem too hot. If they break no wind, my eyes are too dry especially with contacts in. We tested the new Windjammer Eyewear in the sunshine and wind capital of the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands.

The polarized eye protection from Windjammer Eyewear has developed this new line of sunglasses that are custom-crafted with a newly patented frame design called Sol-Air Gard. This unique design works like goggles, by closing the gap between the glasses and your face without using foam. They thus prevent wind, airborne debris, glare and damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from getting into your eyes or in the case of UV rays essentially reflecting into your eyes. They dramatically lower eyestrain and discomfort.

The best thing I can say about them is that they work, are not hot and indeed were comfortable to wear. Everyone I passed them to over the three weeks liked them.

Each polarized Windjammer Eyewear kit contains one pair of sports glasses, one carrying case, a float cord, an anti-fog lens cloth and a one-year limited warranty. Polarized lenses are available in a choice of three-lens color: smoke, brown and copper. The frames come in four matte black frame styles. RX (prescription) lenses are available on request.

For chart reading or close work a +2.50 or +3.00 Diopter Bifocal Magnifier lens option which allows for trouble free chart, instrument or close-up work is available.

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