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Additional Storage Never Hurts

Whether the boat is an 18’ trailer sailor or a 38’ cruiser/racer, having a place to store miscellaneous items and not lose them overboard is a plus. Davis Instruments fills this need with its innovative Deckhand Boating Pouch.

Made of tough polyportex, the patented Deckhand carrying caddy won’t scratch surfaces and is UV- and mildew-resistant. It’s ideal for storing drinks, sunglasses, portable phones, IDs, suntan lotion, small tools and more. This leaves the boater’s hands free for other things.

The Deckhand Boating Pouch is easy to install, removable and adjustable. It securely attaches to rails, lifelines or almost any horizontal bar, and it measures just 4-3/4” wide x 15-3/4” high.

Davis Instruments offers a wide array of marine and outdoor products, including energy-efficient lighting, fishing accessories, wind vanes, boating reference cards, radar reflectors and weather instruments.

Suggested retail price of the Deckhand Boating Pouch is $17.95.
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Protect Expensive Eyewear While Enjoying Water Sports

The Gogglebobber is a patented new eyewear retainer that floats to protect expensive eyeglasses and sunglasses from loss while enjoying all kinds of water sports and outdoor activities.

The new Gogglebobber eyeglass retainer provides lightweight comfort, convenience along with the buoyancy to keep glasses from sinking should they be dropped while enjoying boating, fishing, jet skiing, kayaking and all other water sports. The product’s bright yellow color can be seen over long distances making it easy to find lost glasses even in the murkiest of water.

Gogglebobber works on all styles of sunglasses and prescription eyewear. Unique tension-grip holders attach easily and then hold on tightly for extra protection. Product comes complete with both a neoprene retainer band and the Gogglebobber flotation. Neoprene band can be also used with or without the flotation.

Contact Gogglebobber at or 847-266-0205.


ProDock Inc. Introduces it’s Upgraded BowCatcher

ProDock’s BowCatcher allows safe, sure and smart docking for boaters that want “get up and go” boating. The Chicago Area Company has had good success with its original version and has decided to offer an upgraded version to accommodate larger sailboats. After two years of testing and refining, the BowCatcher was offered to Chicago area boaters at the 2002 Navy Pier’s Strictly Sail Show, and has been a real success.

The BowCatcher allows single handed docking without the usual scramble for lines making it a more controlled and therefore much safer operation. Pulling the boat into the system the captain stops the boats forward momentum and puts it in forward idle. By turning the wheel or tiller away from the dock, he can “walk” the stern over using the prop thrust. The boat is then held securely dockside and lines can be retrieved at leisure!

For more information visit or call Neil Ryan at 800-266-7023.

Small Boat Anchor Stowage Made Easy

For owners of smaller boats, space is always a problem, and sometimes safety may be compromised because of space constraints. The commando Small Craft Anchoring System from Fortress Marine Anchors allows skippers to be prepared for proper anchoring and to save valuable storage space as well.

The Commando system includes a Guardian G-5 anchor, 150’ of 1/4” double-braided nylon rope, 6’ of 3/16” high-tensile galvanized steel chain, and a 1/4” galvanized shackle. The G-5 utility anchor is made from high-tech aluminum alloy and weighs only 2-1/2 pounds. The anchor can be quickly disassembled and reassembled without tools. Everything can be easily stored inside the rugged Dupont Cordura bag. The complete system weighs just 8-1/2 pounds.

Fortress Marine Anchors produces a complete line of anchors and anchor storage bags for vessels from dinghies to megayachts.

The price of the Commando Small Craft Anchoring System from Fortress Marine Anchors is approximately $100.

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