New Products

Rugged Device Keeps Anchor Secure on Deck

Most devices that help secure a fully raised anchor are not rugged enough to handle heavy anchor loads and long exposure in the marine environment. However, the new Anchor Chain Tensioner/Stopper features all stainless steel construction designed to withstand years of service.

This unit mounts on the boat’s deck or bow area, alongside the anchor chain that passes to the spool or winch. The user simply opens the tensioner, which functions like a come-along, and hooks it to the anchor chain. Then he closes the unit to take up the chain’s slack and slides a locking pin in place to keep the unit closed. The anchor remains secure in the bow roller channel, preventing it from swaying, rattling and possibly damaging the boat’s finish.

The Anchor Chain Tensioner/Stopper measures 12” long overall and takes up as much as 2” of chain slack. It’s threaded hook adjusts over 1-1/2” for easy connection to the nearest chain link. The unit’s base features holes for easy and secure bolting to the deck.

From Johnson Marine 860-873-8697 or

Personal Safety Sometimes Requires Being Heard

With all the different types of visual signaling devices available in the markets, one might think summoning help is not a problem. But what if an emergency happens when the weather or location makes visual signals ineffective! Would an audible signal be best? The USCG and the personal safety experts at Skyblazer think so. That’s why the company manufactures the LoudMouth Horn.

Measuring just 14-3/8” long and 2-1/4” in diameter, this very lightweight, rugged plastic horn produces a truly heavyweight sound. All it requires is one’s breath to produce a loud blast with a strength of up to 120 decibles at 1 meter. It also conforms to A.B.Y.C. Standard A-23 in accordance with the ‘72 COLREGS and US Inland Rules for vessels under 5 meters.

The LoudMouth Horn has a ridge at the smaller end that allows attachment of a lanyard, making it ideal for hiking, camping, hunting or even sporting events. And it is sized for storage in small boats that have no horns, including canoes and kayaks.

From Skyblazer Inc. 714-447-5409 or
New Lifeline Turnbuckle Offers Attractive Looks

While most sailors evaluate lifeline turnbuckles from a safety point of view, they usually want these fittings to look nice, too. The new Smooth Line Turnbuckle proves exceptional in both areas.

Its stainless steel construction ensures durability in the harsh marine environment, while its patent-pending design affords a remarkably sleek and clean appearance. In fact, neither the cable connection nor turnbuckle threads are visible from the outside, as conventional turnbuckles are.

To connect a lifeline cable to this state-of-the-art fitting, the user simply passes the cable through a detachable end cap and secures it to an inner sleeve using a maching swage or hand crimp process. Then he screws the end cap back in place for a secure and reliable connection.

The smooth Line Turnbuckle comes in sizes that handle 1/8” to 3/16” cable. Its length adjusts over a range of 2-1/16”, and it comes with a 1/4” pin. With the included Johnson Marine Toggle Jaw, the turnbuckle can be secured easily to eyes or tabs, or into a channel.

From Johnson Marine 860-873-8697 or

New Antifouling Research Yields Toxin-Free Coating

A test panel treated with New Nautical Coatings’ experimental foul release is tested for barnacle removal. The product uses 
non-toxic technology to coat the bottom with a hard, extremely 
slippery surface.

In recent years, certain chemicals in antifouling paints have been increasingly regulated because of their effect on aquatic life. New Nautical Coatings antifouling paints, is developing a product that could solve this problem - a non-toxic coating so slick and hard that foulants cannot readily attach themselves to the surface.
The silicone hybrid foul release is a solvent-based material that can be applied by bruch, roller or spray. It contains no toxic chemicals and uses a new approach to reduce buildup of marine growth. The product contains a silicone/Teflon mixture that produces an extremely slippery surface. This allows marine foulants to wash away easily from the hull.

As the site of some of the world’s heaviest fouling conditions, Florida’s Tampa Bay region is the home of the company’s testing grounds. In this environment, unprotected boat hulls can be covered by massive barnacles and other marine growth in a matter of weeks.

New Nautical Coatings’ CEO, Erik Norrie, explained, “Our objective has been to expand our product line with a coating that inhibits marine growth in a different way. We have been focusing our work on removing marine foulants by using the boat’s movement through the water, or a slight hand scrubbing. Thus far, the results have been very impressive.”

New Nautical Coatings manufactures a complete line of Seahawk antifouling coatings in a wide range of formulations. Seahawk paints are the only antifouling paints with a written one-year warranty against barnacle growth.

From New Nautical Coatings 800-528-0997.

Four New Fixtures Added to Low-Voltage Lighting Line

InterCon Marketing has added four new choices to its extensive line of low-voltage lighting. These new designs help fulfill the various lighting needs on boats and RVs while using a minimum of power.

The Targa-Cap fixture is a variation on the company’s popular Targa light. This fixture is designed to reflect the light downward on a step or floor. It is waterproof, making it an excellent choice for use as an outdoor courtesy light or for use in the bath or shower. 

The Sky fixture is another waterproof light. It utilizes a rubber gasket to seal the water out. With two 10-watt bulbs, this surface light is very bright and is used extensively in the bath or shower, or for lighting the cockpit or cabin exterior.

The Soft light is a 10” utility light that is bright enough for the engine room, yet stylish enough for use in the galley or kitchen. This light uses two 10-watt bulbs and is available in a white or a sandstone finish. The Soft light fixture also includes a switch.

The Eyelight is an adjustable, recessed spotlight with switch. It is ideal for use as a directional spotlight, a reading light or for use in the navigation area. This 10-watt fixture is available in a white, chrome or gold finish. Suggested retail prices for these four fixtures are between $15 and $20.
From InterCon Marketing Inc.

Diesel Repowering Guide Offers Valuable Tips

Replacing that gas guzzling engine with a fuel efficient diesel is often a hot topic of discussion in the marine community. To help boat owners make the correct decision, Yanmar Diesel has published “The Boater’s Guide to Successful Repowering.” This comprehensive “how-to” repowering guide covers everything from preliminary cost analysis to in-the-water performance checks.

The guide explains considerations beyong engine size, horsepower and brand. Cost versus value, rebuild/repower trade-off and difficulty of engine installation are additional factors detailed in the publication. The guide also covers lesser-known considerations such as added engine torque, gasoline-to-diesel fuel conversion and exhaust system/turbocharger issues.

The publication’s last page contains an informative, 8-item checklist that should be completed before making a final decision. The guide also states that choosing a reliable engine is one of the most important considerations when repowering with diesel.

A copy of “The Boater’s Guide to Successful Repowering” can be obtained by calling 800-667-3153.

Paste Compound Removes Gelcoat Scratches

A boat’s fiberglass gelcoat sometimes contains scratches from repair yards, misuse and even from the factory itself. Used extensively by professionals, 3M Marine’s High Gloss Gelcoat Compound is also available to boaters for removing unsightly scratches and restoring a high gloss to the boat’s fiberglass exterior.
The compound can be used after a final sanding step of P600 or P1000 wet to remove sand scratches from production gelcoat. It is equally effective in removing minor surface scratches caused by accidental contact with trailers, pilings and other objects. The compound contains no wax or silicone and leaves a scratch-free surface that is void of swirl or wheel marks.

The product can be applied with a 3M Marine Superbuff Pad or Hookit Compounding Pad on a slow-speed polisher turning at 1,500 to 2,500 rpm. Its unique formulation reduces accidental slinging of the product during the buffing process. 

Available to consumers in quarts, the 3M Marine Gloss gelcoat has a suggested retail price of $20.

From 3M Marine 877-3M-Marine.