Sailing News & Views

Larry Norris Passed Away

Larry Norris, owner of Precision Boat Works passed away Saturday June 15, 2002. He was suffering with a lethal face cancer which finally got him.
Precision Boat Works was established in 1978 with the idea to bring sailing to the average person. The idea was to build a line of boats that can be easily trailered behind today's cars, simple enough to be inexpensive, but big enough to sleep aboard, and stable enough to take along with the family. And finally, a line of boats with lively performance and good sea manners required to make sailing her fun. 

Precision Boats Works continues to focus entirely on small boats, and their long experience and expertise in this niche shows in each boat they build. Their commitment to high-quality construction and function is unwavering, and they understand firsthand what makes sailing fun. Sophisticated buyers are sure to be impressed with the entire precision line. 

Precision Boat Works now has 6 different types of boats. They are the Precision 15, the Precision 165, the Precision 18, the Precision 21, the Precision 23, and the Precision 28.

National Marina Day

National Marina Day is designed to focus attention on the important role marinas play as gateways to the boating experience and we are encouraging our marinas - which give significant discounts on fuel, slips and repairs to our members - to actively participate,” said Boat U.S. Chairman Richard Schwartz.

The day’s activities will include local waterway clean-up community service projects, customer appreciation events, boat parades, amrina rendezvous’, fishing rodeos, community open houses, and marina tours for local officials.

“Without marinas - large or small, public or private - our access to the waterways would be much more limited,” said Schwartz. “Getting the local community down to their marinas and highlighting the important role these partners play in boating deserves our full support and cooperation,” Schwarz added.

For more information on National Marina Day, contact MOAA toll-free at 866-FOR-MOAA.