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Roger Swanson and Gaynelle Templin aboard Cloud Nine. They completed the transit of the Northwest Passage from east to west on the third attempt. Above, the antural beauty of the Bering Sea in twenty five foot waves. All photos on these pages were taken by David Thoreson, www.bluewaterstudios.com.

Roger Swanson and Gaynelle Templin aboard Cloud Nine.
Familty transportation is quite different in the north country. Here four Intui youngsters travel on dad's four wheeler in Gjoa Haven. Swanson's party met two individuatls who claimed to be direct descendants of the explorer Amundsen who nearly lost his ship, Ghoa, after running aground. The town of 1200 is named after his ship. Gaynelle Templin above transmitting hand signals to the cockpit as the anchor is set by backing down.
A modern dredge used in the "new gold rush" in Nome. A Muskoxen on the tundra seventy miles north of Nome, Alaska.

In this issue, we highlight Cloud Nine's trip with photos by David Thoreson, www.bluewaterstudios.com.

Let’s Celebrate! The photos used in Celebration Sailing Festival are normally sent in by Midwest sailors like you, from all over the world.

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