The Easy Way to Learn the New Racing Rules

A program for Windows PC, it is the easy way to learn the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012.

A Guide to the Racing Rules 2009 - 2012

Earls Court, November 29th 2008 – Rules Master Racing 2012 is a comprehensive, highly interactive learning guide to the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012, suitable for all ages and levels of experience. The 2009-2012 Racing Rules are the most significant update since 1997. The changes have made the rules easier to understand and to apply. Rules Master Racing 2012 is the easy way to learn the new rules: it has been designed for beginners and for experienced racers, and suits a wide variety of learning needs:

  • The Beginners’ Guide is a great place to get started for those new to the sport of sailboat racing.
  • The Racers’ Guide may be used as a self paced programmed learning guide, or as a look up reference. Rules important to racing sailors are clearly explained and illustrated with practical examples.
  • Powerful Index and Keyword search features make Rules Master Racing 2012 an excellent reference tool.

Most chapters finish with a quiz, carefully structured to review and reinforce chapter content. A user can also design their own Quiz. This is a truly engaging way to learn, while having some fun at the same time.

The complete text of the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012 is included, with easy to use search and navigation tools. The document “What’s new in the 2009-20012 rules?” spells out the changes in the new rules, and summarizes how they will affect racing sailors.

Rules Master Racing 2012 has been professionally designed for easy and effective learning. Complex rules are clearly explained and illustrated, step by step, using realistic scenarios, 3D illustrations and animations, many with user interaction. Intuitive navigation controls enable users to easily find their way around and customize the presentation style.

Rules Master Racing 2012 is available as a Windows CD from many maritime booksellers and quality chandlers (e.g. Bluewater Books & Charts in Ft Lauderdale, Armchair Sailor in RI). A download version is also available from

The website also offers a free “Time to the Mark Calculator” download which allows sailors to assess the impact of the new three hull length zone, and an online “What’s New in the Racing Rules” written in conjunction with an international ISAF Judge and Umpire.

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Ross Learning Media is a division of Ross Jensen Associates Pty Ltd, based in Brisbane, Australia. The division aims to provide effective and affordable products that make it easy to learn the nautical "Rules of the Road" and the Racing Rules of Sailing. RulesMaster products use state-of-the-art media to illustrate the basic concepts behind complex rules and then to develop realistic practice scenarios so that, in real life, a sailor is able to recall information from a learning guide and take effective decisions.

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