Reef Relief Holiday Online Auction

Thank You!!

Dear Friend;

Now that Thanksgiving is here, we wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for the tremendous support you have shown Reef Relief over the years.

Your generosity has enabled us to make significant strides in the education of the stewards of our environmental future through our Discover Coral Reefs school program, our Reef Ranger Certification program, our Coral Camp summer program, and the opening in June, 2008, of our new Environmental Center. Your generosity and that of our almost 10,000 strong membership base made legislation possible that will affect the lives of millions of others who rely on the living coral reef ecosystem for their daily sustenance as we continue to push for higher standards of water quality and eco-responsibility. And your generosity is helping us to make significant strides to reverse the decline of the most biologically diverse, the oldest, and the most amazing ecosystem on this planet. For this and so much more, we thank you. We couldn't do it without you! The Reef Relief team sends you our warmest Holiday Wishes.

As you may know, from now until December 15, Reef Relief is hosting our 4th annual Holiday Online Auction. This is an easy way to continue your generous support of our organization while crossing names off your Christmas list! There are literally hundreds of items, with new gifts arriving daily, to please everyone this holiday season. Holiday shopping has never been easier, and every penny goes to support a wonderful cause! Please take a moment and browse the amazing selection in all price ranges at

About Reef Relief

Reef Relief is a global non-profit membership organization dedicated to protect and preserve living coral reef ecosystems. Founded in 1986 as a grassroots organization concerned about the apparent decline in the Florida Reef Tract (which is the 3rd largest living reef in the world and the only living barrier reef in North America), over the last 22 years Reef Relief has evolved into a world-wide leader in living coral reef ecology, conservation, and the issues affecting these reefs. Through education, advocacy at the state and Federal level, and through the efforts of it's internationally recognized scientific advisory board, Reef Relief continues to pursue its mission to preserve this vital, fragile, endangered, and amazing ecosystem.