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U.S. Junior Olympics Sailing Festival 2001
A Huge Success!

Wayzata Yacht Club greeted over 100 sailors from throughout the Midwest, June 22-24, for US Sailing’s Junor Olympic Festival sponsored by West Marine. Opening ceremonies began with the local Wayzata Color Guard, greetings from the mayor, and an introduction from Betsy Alison (Newport, RI), five-time Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year and one of the world’s top sailors. Alison served as a special guest coach for the weekend. Attendance this year was up over 30% from the previous Junior Olympics Festival held at the club and included large contingents of youth sailors from the Chicago area. Alison was quick to comment on how much fun this event is on Lake Minnetonka. “The Junior Olympic Festivals do so much to foster enthusiasm in sailing, boost confidence levels of young kids, and give them the chance to compete in a non-threatening environment.”

Cappy Capper of the Lake Minnetonka Sailing School saw many of his students excel at the event. He was quick to comment on the gratitude of all the kids and that this is not just any regatta, but an event that really encourages kids to focus on their dreams and aspirations. “This has been a truly successful grass roots level program of US Sailing and it’s growing the sport,” commented Capper.

David Jcrominski (Oak Creek, WI), silver medal winner of the 420 class, said a highlight of the event was “letting my crew get experience since it was his first regatta,” although he was also happy that “We got a first after taking 12th for two years.” brian Pannier (Lake Forest, IL) won the Optimist Green Fleet, for the youngest sailors. Catherine Carstens (Lake Forest, IL) finished second, and Robbie Allen (Deephaven, MN) took the bronze medal. Local sailor Jessica Haverstock of the Minnetonka Yacht Club wond the Optimist fleet for older kids (10-14). Gordy Lamphere and Andy Camarda, both from the Columbia Yacht Club of Chicago, rounded out the top three. Jessica really showed “the necessary discipline, maturity and ability to always think ahead when racing,” according the Betsy Alison after watching her race during the weekend. Minnetonka Yacht Club sailors Lindsey Allen and Ryan McNaught (both from Deephaven, MN) finished first and second in the Laser Radial fleet (Laser sailboats with smaller sails). Christopher Pinahs of Delafield, IL finished third. The Laser event, and Olympic class boat, was eventually won by Graham Erwin (Wayzata, MN) with 16 points, but not before closely fighting with Amanda Allen (Plymouth, MN) and David Onan (Shorewood, MN), who eventually took second and third, with 21 and 22 points, respectively. Alison was especially impressed with the competition in the Laser fleet commenting, “The top of laser fleet was real competitive with lots of lead changes.” Adele Wilhelm and Nicole Rothstein (Chicago, IL) won the gold medal in the Club 420, a popular double-handed boat used in college racing. David Jerominski and Maxx Berkowski (Oak Creek, MI) finished second with 18 points and the team of Lindsey Duda and Maggie Lumkes (Chicago, IL) finished thired with 20 points.

Complete results can be found at, which also provides a link to event photographs taken by Joe Steel and Tim Altier.

Shell Lake July 3rd Celebration Regatta
by Tom Scott

The 2nd Shell Lake July 3rd Celebration Sailing Regatta had 11 boats entered (9 different designs) of which 9 were from out of town. Our Chief Official, Dennis Wagner, from Minneapolis, MN. changed the course a little at the start because of a 90 degree wind change and it made for an exciting race. I think he did a great job and hope to get him back next year.


1) Steve Parsons, Spooner, WI.
2) Mark Muraski, Spooner, WI.
3) Jerry Okonek, Spooner, WI.

1) Tom LeMire, Somerset, WI.
2) Mike Jorgenson, Hayward, WI.
3) Thom Burns, Minneapolis, MN

1) Jim Crandall, Drummond, WI.
2) Dennis Anderson, Minnetonka, MN.
3) Gary Vig, Cumberland, WI.

Check our new and improved Sailing Home page being worked on by Dr. Brian Janz under It will appear on the sailing page in the near future. I think that you will be impressed and there are some sailing pictures of the above race on the site. Hope to see you on the water.

2001 Chicago to Mackinac

The race was a fairly typical Mackinac. Dire pre race forecasts lacking winds fortunately did not materialize. The race began with boats sailing upwind in light air. The early choice was to hug the Illinois shore or tack into the lake.

The first night saw a continued building of the wind as spinnakers were set. As the first night continued, so did the fleet’s track towards the Michigan shore.

What had been a race with few chances to make a big move became a new game. From the Manitou Islands on, passing lances declined. To Greys Reef was a fast white sail reach. From Greys Reef in was a true beat.
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1) EQUATION Owner alcott 2) PIED PIPER Owner jennings 3) HOULA Owner thornton 4) STRIPES Owner martin 5) WINDDANCER Owner nedeau 6) CHANCE Owner brotz 7) NITEMARE Owner neill 8) COLTOwner fletcher 9) MIRAGE Owner(s) santa cruz group 10) EVOLUTION Owner kohler/ reichelsdorfer 11) THIRSTY TIGER Owner d'ottavio 12) RENRGADE Owner gagne/ meade 13) CYNOSURE Owner baylis 14) BLONDIE Owner sammann

Farr 40
1) HOT LIPS Owner mash 2) FLASH GORDON Owner jahn 3) SORCERER Owner dooley 4) CONTENTIOUS Owner woodworth 5) HEARTBREAKER Owner tsuha/ hughes 6) VIRAGO Owner townsend 7) SEA HAWK Owner johnson 8) BANDIT Owner tompkins 9) PENDRAGON Owner jackman 10) PROGRAM Owner deyoung

1) RAGTIME Owner sterenberg 2) BOZO'S CIRCUS Owner metcalf 3) JASON Owner cohen 4) TOUCH OF GREY Owner schell 5) AFTERSHOCK Owner newman 6) GRACE Owner barth 7) HABENERO Owner lynch 8) CAT'S PAW Owner bell/ clyde/ connie

1) PRONTO II Owner edman 2) LUCKY DUBIE Owner siegal 3) CERTARE Owner neiman 4) VYTIS Owner petkus 5) TOP TICK Owner nichols 6) SPACE COWBOY Owner barannski 7) REPETE Owner freeland 8) MOSQUITO Owner radtke/ laughlin 9) CARESS Owner weglarz 10) GONZO Owner regan/ ganch 11) INTANGIBLE Owner falck 12) JOIE DE VIE Owner hastings 13) MESSY JESSY Owner candea 14) TEMPEST Owner glover 15) LIQUID COURAGE Owner borgongi/ heun/ teer 16) GIGI J105 Owner wagner 17) LA CHAMAD Owner watson

1) WINDEMON Owner goff/ clasen 2) CONTUMACIOUS Owner Mitchell 3) AMATEUR II Owner eaton/ fagerstrom 4) KUNJANI Owner martin 5) ERICA Owner knoepke/ kazor 6) CHEAP THRILL Owner snyder 7) TALISMAN Owner mehaffey 8) BILLY BONES Owner whitford 9) US Owner sherman 10) WITCH- CRAFT Owner mcdonnell/ webb 11) TOP DOG Owner wurtzebach 12) OUTRAGEOUS Owner kerlow/ mintz 13) WATER WORKS Owner lille 14) RAINBOWS END Owner fink 15) SCOTCH MIST Owner keepper 16) BUSHIDO Owner witaszek 17) TEMERITY Owner baker 18) SIEGE Owner gordon 19) DUTCH REIGN Owner beemsterboer 20) ATRA Owner woollen 21) JAWS Owner hildwein 22) TALL DOG Owner taylor 23) THE FIX Owner kransinski 24) MERACIOUS Owner knorr 25) BEE Owner capper 26) MISCHIEF Owner travis 27) WILD NORWEGIAN Owner eiesland

Open Multi-Hull
1) Gamera Owner Scharl, Matthew 2) Nice Pair Owner Geffen, Bruce 3) High Priority Owner Shneider, David 4) Stampede Owner White, Ronald 5) Lucretia Owner Ball, Fred 6) Accipiter Owner Kirsten, Bob 7) Tri N' Onwer Kaplan, Gregory 8) Caliente Owner Steck, Michael 9) Zingara Owner Segraves, Mark A. 10) Tri Southwinds Owner Cushing, Doran 11) Bird of Prey Owner Hougham, Stephen S. 12) Shearwater Owner Fronczak, Thomas H

1) Natalie Owner O'Niel, Philip D. II 2) Victoria 5 Owner Campbell, Michael 3) Decision Owner Murray, Stephen B. 4) Sayonara Owner Ellison, Larry 5) Main Street Owner Schanen, Bill 6) Sassy Owner Schmidt, E. Russel 7) Kokomo Owner Schulz, Wes & Janie 8) Twister Owner Wake, Herbert D. 9) Success Owner Greenwald, Michael S 10) Fazisi Owner Ziolkowski, Les 11) Everest Horizontal Owner Kent, Timothy J.

1) Rumours Owner Woodhouse, Tim 2) Ruffian Owner Pittman, Randall 3) Fast Eddy Owner Buerger, MD. Edward 4) Majic Owner Ruley, Dorsey 5) Criterion Owner Mitchell, Roger A. 6) Goblin. com Owner Verb, R./ Thomas, 7) Crazy Horse Owner Siudara, Bud & Andy 8) Margaret Rintoul IV Owner Smyth, Edward L. 9) Undaunted Owner Walsh, Clune J. Jr. 10) Allegiance Owner Holstein, Donald E. 11) Chewbacca Owner Peterson, Bill 12) Erleichda Owner Crandall, D./ Stuk, R. 13) Dolphin Owner Ruhland, Larry 14) Program Owner DeYoung, Steven 15) Insatiable Owner Ritter, Thomas C. 16) Willie J Owner Petter, Doug 17) Skededel Owner Barba, Randolph C. 18) Jeannine III Owner Roeser, Jack 19) Bullseye Owner Stitt, Donald K. 20) Airwaves Owner Smirl, Dale 21) Experience Owner Kuehn, Charles E. Jr 22) Salsa Owner Stott, Peter 23) Coup D' Etat Owner Elasser, Ronald E. 24) Wild Oats Owner Thinschmidt, Donald 25) Astra Owner Mayer, Michael 26) Dakota Owner Ryner, Anthony 27) Midnight Express Owner Viau, James J. 28) Viking IV Owner Duda, Fritz 29) Lightening Owner Seger, Bob

1) Bacchant Owner Sullivan, Jerome D. 2) Ragged Edge Owner Boelkins, Charles W. 3) C. C. Rider Owner Kelley, Jack 4) Chaos Owner Bernbaum/ Schroeder/ A 5) Eagle Owner O'Neill, Jerry/ Shawn 6) Fourth Of July Owner DeBruin, Ronald, MD 7) Painkiller 4 Owner Martin, Alice O. 8) Hobgoblin Owner Hobbs, Richard F. 9) Perseverance Owner Songer, Matthew 10) Tsunami Owner Stephens, Greg 11) Wind Quest Owner DeVos, Doug/ Dick 12) Iris Owner Fletcher, Stephen H. 13) Surprise Owner Irish, David H. 14) Serenissima Owner Munden, Robin G. 15) Pronto Owner Krissoff, Joel 16) Pterodoctyl Owner Symonds, Mark L. 17) X- Press Owner Diemand/ Chick/ Elam 18) De'tente Owner Kirk, David/ Gale, Fred 19) Live Wire Owner Igoe, Phillip A. 20) Bigtime Owner Wittenberg, Jeff 21) Prima Donna Owner Neal, John 22) Relentless Owner Hagan, Mark 23) Surface Tension Owner Brethorst, L/ Schaefer 24) FineLine Owner Montplaisir, Richard

1) Dr. Detroit 2) Wooton 2 3) Spitfire 4) Folle A Deux 5) Morning Star 6) Das Boot 7) Spanker 8) La Tempete 9) Gauntlet 10) Broderi 11) Challenge 12) Twisted 13) Ripple 14) Vixen 15) Vayu 16) Rovente 17) Lancashire Las 18) Caprice 19) Moonraker 20) Regardless 21) Big Meanie 22) Bravo 23) Gemini

1) Station Wagon 2) Eagles Wings 3) Outrageous 4) Geromino 5) Odin 6) Titan 7) Captain Blood 8) My Tribe 9) Sailor Bandido 10) Allegria 11) Sorcerer 12) Michela 13) Vanishing Point 14) Danny Boy 15) Esta Es III 16) Thunderbolt 17) Tenacity 18) Experience 19) Gadget 20) Fury 21) Mirage 22) Blues Breaker 23) Intrepid 24) Draco 25) Radiance

1) Certainly 2) Holy Toledo! 3) Siren Song 4) Retriever 5) Ozymandlas IV 6 Assassin 7) Celerity 8) Hilaria 9) Phantom 10) Impulse 11) Daybreak 12) Moody Blue 13) Lionheart 14) Arriba 15) Driven 16) Overdraft 17) Leaving Las Vegas 18) Rock On 19) Lionheart 20) Can Can 21) Maskwa 22) Wild Wind 23) Bara Bara 24) Serenity 25) Rumors 26) Rush

1) Cheap N’Deep 2) Nana 3) Time 4) Whisper 5) Evergreen 6) Blaze 7) Rush 8) Spirite of Adventure 9) Toscana 10) Que Loco! 11) XS 12) Dandelion 13) Decoy 14) Wave Length 15) C-Varmint 16)Measure for Me 17) Tenacity 18) Mystified 19) Lucky Comet 20) Royal Blue 21) Jack-A-Roe 22) Runaway 23) Glass Slipper 24) Yonder 25) My Whim 26) Whitecap 27) Most Wanted

1) Glider 2) Accord 3) White Spray 4) Viper 5) Lady Luck 6) Shape 7) Encore 8) wings 9) cynthia 10) Kutty’s Ark 11) Free Agen 12) Perfect Lady 13) Latest Trick 14) Wellenreiter IV 15) Windra 16) Cahoots 17) Wind Quest 18) Allure 19) Wave Dancer 20) Merchant Credit 21) Karma 22) Kestrel 23) Running Tide

1) Bantu 2) Great Scot 3) Falcon 4) Tomfollery 5) Harrier 6) Providence 7) Corsair 8) Souvenir 9) Misty 10) Expresso 11) Mahdi 12) Aguila 13) The Cruzer 14) Hallel